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  1. Pink knight is the lava store shop keeper. Only snow globes can fuel all the fun and love.
  2. Have you figured out how to navigate through the steam effectively?
  3. How are you treated over there? Are the higher ups and policy's as bad as i've heard?
  4. Really? i've been in there for months. I dunno, he's pretty nice and helpful.
  5. Besides, banning all those people could make them turn on you, bad for business. Besides, i've had luck find good games, only a few 256'ers, and it's kinda amusing. i like glitches and hacks.
  6. Tis' true. kinda like making the enemy fly back after each hit, just takes longer.
  7. While on a velociraptor. on the moon. But still in hell. so you have to sterch your body between earth and the moon. And the velociraptor as well.
  8. Ehh, i phone isnt really great for action games. many times while playing games, i've noticed that either my fingers get in the way, or the controls are awful. I mean, usually, my thumb covers the whole d-pad, thus making it hard to go in the right direction. it just makes me wish i had a real d-pad and buttons, just the force feedback. Plus, theres not much money in i phone games, and i'm not saying the behemoth is just in it for the money, but you know, a business is a business. Madbeast, over stepped a tad.
  9. In terms of being fair, yes, it is accessible to everyone. is it fun? no. It's more fun to run around and shoot magic at each other, inching closer to try and touch them with your sword, and shooting arrows willy nilly.
  10. Then, Try to nail jello to a tree, punch lead into gold, touch Chuck Norris without imploding, And resist the temptation to play Minecraft...AT THE SAME TIME.
  11. Wow, that band is pretty good, another one i need to listen to. Who dropped the catfish?
  12. What if you could pick up a cow, 2 oxen, and a horse?
  13. Haha, no. CC is supposed to be a simple game, we don't need guilds or quests or anything. Get guy from point a to point b, don't die, and save the girl(s). Simple. It doesnt have to be a freaking RPG, it's a hack n' slash with some rpg elements. Shields, ehh, kinda interesting but, man, thats like a animal orb you can carry. I would think Any DLc should just expand on already existing idea's, not introduce new ones. My idea for a DLC character is funny. I thought about it during PE. Ok, who's played minecraft? Super meat boy for the PC? well, then you might be familiar with MR. Minecraft, AKA the default skin you have when you play minecraft. Now, i would pin him as sort of a re-skinned necromancer, imagine this: He would start out with a diamond sword His splash would be a row of lava blocks appearing and spreading (think of the necromancer's skeleton hand splash attack) His projectile would be launching a creeper (SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS) (Also, think of the exploding skeleton, same concept) His magic jump would be a tower or blocks pushing him up (a reference to "towering", a technique where you jump and place blocks under you to create a tower.) (Think of the blue knights ice fist) And finally, He could have re-skinned arrows, and his shovel could be the diamond shovel. It would be funny if he got a Ghast animal orb could shoot flaming snowballs. I know, never going to happen, but i had fun thinking of all the aspects of the character.
  14. IMO, 256 looks fun to toy around with IN SINGLE PLAYER. It has that sort of glitch feel, where you can play outside the lines and mess about. But if you use it to get every character and infect others, it's kinda lame.
  15. yoshilime


    God i love the pikmin games. I'm not sure which of the two i enjoy more, pikmin 2 is more tedious at times but also a lot cooler, while pikmin 1 was relaxing, but had it's flaws. They are a sort of perfect RTS action games, i love them to death. I wil admit, i hated having to get white/purple pikmin all the time, that took long trips back and forth from the caves and to the ship.