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  1. Woo! It just came today along with my copy of World at War. This is like the first time I've won something, thanks guys.
  2. Wouldn't it be harder to get to #1 with no other region releases? Also, I'd call Scott Pilgrim a quality title. It's an amazingly fun game. Heck, there aren't many games on the PSN I'd call quality titles to begin with, with the exception of a small handful of games. If anything, I'd say it would be hard for Castle Crashers to get to number #1 now than it would be under many other circumstances. its based off the US store, not all of the stores ^^ so if EU had it, that data would be independent of the US data as far as Scott I thought it was fun, but many opted out over the lack of online co op. as far as quality titles there are some like spelunker but the point was nothing big was released recently... where as on the 13th? we get sonic 4! what was CC really fighting though? Blade kitty? some webcomic most people dont read/know about, with a 15 usd price tag... Sword and Shield? a wiiware port of a tower defense game which is plus only... sonic adventure? a game that requires the dlc to 100% and is a port of a unpopular game... death spank 2? didnt appear to sell that well. Shank? Similar game, no online... and a lot less to do scott pilgrim? again similar game, no online... lot less to do etc Haha oh wow. Did you really just say Sonic Adventure was unpopular? It was the top selling game on the Dreamcast. Also Pixeljunk's pretty beastin.
  3. However this game uses vectors, or at least I'd think.
  4. Well a bunch of people have already thieve'd it up, but we've already beaten the game with others D:
  5. REPOSTING TO CONFIRM MY WIN AS LEGIT http://a.imageshack.us/img80/8798/0901100207a.jpg
  6. I'd laugh so hard if the new Duke Nukem came out before Ep3.
  7. you guys should really try leveling up a little more.
  8. The 2x4 is obtained in the party room at the end of the game, not the insane store.
  9. I am going to be so pissed if someone beats insane with orange before me, lol.
  10. Me and my friend were just wondering why level past 77, interesting.
  11. I'm using your vids, I'm on the 4th wave right now at full health, with 5 potions left I'm using the black katana+troll, so I just wait at the bottom of the screen until my health refills between waves.
  12. If you have agility, try arrow spam. I like using Meowburt with the Black Katana.
  13. Fuuuuuuu I blame my friend's taste in music for that. Also I might try it by myself, but man. When you get knocked down once you just get owned by them rolling underground before you can get up.
  14. Why did you have to make the scarabs impossible on insane? why? whyyyyy the one time we almost beat the desert level, I had 3 potions left, but I didn't realize it wouldn't auto use them if you didn't have teammates alive ;-;