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  1. The slam dunk may be the quickest way to rack up points in a ball game , but is it the most fun? I prefer the spike dunk. Next time you're up a few points, or down a few prisoners, try: RT, then X in mid-air. Catch my Alien Homonid with gold trophy doing this signature (copyrighted by cats) move for free to the Battleblock Theater community, all in your baskets. --Wolfwood NLB
  2. So I have 3 empty dots, but the only achievements I still need are Insane Co-op Star, & Jail Breaker... ???
  3. So in the beginning, when you first start up story mode, you can see all the heads/weapons you've unlocked, but beneath that there are 5 rows of 6 dots. The top & bottom are yellow, ones above/below that are gray, and in the middle they are brown. My bottom two rows are filled and I'm missing one brown, the very first yellow, and the first two gray in the 2nd line. So my question is, what do these dots represent? Completion of story?
  4. There's already an achievement for unlocking one, and unlocking all, so this achievement is kind of redundant to me. I wish they could change this achievement to something more interesting/challenging instead of giving it to everybody or whatever happens.
  5. Message says "You earned an avatar award but your profile was not available." If it doesn't sort itself out, will replaying the finale unlock it again?
  6. I played the game last night for a long while, and me and my friend earned plenty of gems/yarn. Now, I'm playing again with someone else (from the beginning). Is it because I'm replaying levels that I'm not earning gems & yarn? Sorry if this is in the wrong section.