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  1. It's alright that this game doesn't have it, but I can't help but feel that this game would suit FFA so wonderfully due to the chaos that happens in this game.
  2. Came back and my topic is decked out with replies and a poll. Anyway I voted for the fireball because it is satisfying to watch my enemies burn!
  3. I guess it's just there for atmosphere. Also you have a cloned topic just below.
  4. Hey there guys I was wondering what everyones favorite weapon would be. from joining arena games it seems like explosives like the Grenade or exploding frog seems like the popular choice. In the story mode it looks as though weapons like the ball or darts that stick to the side of blocks for more ease of platforming. So I'd like to hear what everyone's fav is from the forums.
  5. Question: Are the trophies equip able? For instance can I toggle them on or off? Haven't beaten the game yet, but I'd like to know in advance.
  6. Ah thanks for this. Was wondering if this was just for the time limit level you do to get the key or something else.
  7. Great game indeed. Just like with Castle Crashers I can't wait to play this for many times to come!
  8. Strange becuase in my experience It seems like people don't want to make host games so they keep trying to join and never find anyone. Seems to be my theory because I would try to find a rank game for 5 min., host a game and immediately find other players joining me and I did this multiple times throughout last night and this morning.
  9. Meh. IGN just being IGN in my opinion. I liked Gamespot's review much more even though there was only 1 negative listed in the summary and it was scored a 8.5....
  10. I found the first two. I personally love the little "theme" the narrator is singing. Just puts the icing on the cake.