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  1. How about an explosive cat toy? Maybe you throw it down and the cats will chase it and it explodes after a few seconds and in arena mode you just never know when it will explode. Kind of like a moving land mine! Ohhhhhh THERE'S an idea, landmine!!!
  2. Can anyone think of some new weapons that might help (and be destructive) in the war on cats? Let's give the guys and girls and The Bahemoth a few good ideas. Maybe we can add something to this already stupendously awesome game! Maybe something like different comninations of the already fun ones? Maybe a Toxic Dart the sticks to enemies and melts them?
  3. I completely agree. If I have to wait another 3 to 5 yrs. for another fantasmical game from The Bahemoth then so be it. Besides THIS game is going to keep me busy at LEAST that long!!!
  4. I used the grenade almost all the time then realized how great the Dart Gun can be. It's like an extra step sometimes too. Although there is something REALLY satisfying about getting in the face of a cut and punching him square in the jaw! Huh, "square", that's funny!
  5. Is there any kind of schedule to when the featured playlist will be new? I'm not complaining in ANY way I just don't want to miss out on the new levels and heads! It's like free dlc with rewards!!! You guys have made a truly fantastic game!
  6. Uuuuuuummmmmm....... what were we talking about?

  7. Are there any levels you didn't finish? The level that takes you to the secret room, perhaps? I feel a bit dumb.... I beat them in the strawberry style first. I went through and did it with the gems and ... pop! Got it. Well, at least it was good practice. Man I am in love with this game.
  8. I JUST finished the playlist, even the Encores and nothing happened. Is it over, did I miss my chance at the head? PLEASE let me know. Thanks.