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  1. I just want another chance at Scuba Steve on XBLA. Doesn't seem like it's ever going to happen.
  2. I think I have an extra ScubaSteve on one of my accounts. I'll check on Tuesday to see if I have an extra. If I do, you can have it for free. That is incredibly nice of you! I'm sorry, I don't have any extras of them If there are any others let me know and I'll check. Hey, no worries. I appreciate you looking. Hopefully Scuba Steve shows up again one day soon. (It'll probably be in a couple weekends when I have to move and won't have internet access, with my luck.) I have all the other star heads, but thank you anyway.
  3. I think I have an extra ScubaSteve on one of my accounts. I'll check on Tuesday to see if I have an extra. If I do, you can have it for free. That is incredibly nice of you!
  4. He was only available once, to my knowledge. I check the blog every week.
  5. I actually messaged the staff about that, they said every head will eventually get re-released, except on steam where they aren't re-releasing Scuba Steve, Lava Lamp, and Hatzilla because they were exclusive to the Steam Summer Sale of 2014. Those heads may still be re-released on xbox. I'd believe that too, if not for the fact that a bunch of heads have been re-released multiple times since they first showed up. It's incredibly frustrating.
  6. So should I just assume Scuba Steve is never showing up again on XBLA, considering it's getting close to two years since the only time he was ever available? He's the last Star Head I need, so if I'm never going to be able to get him, I'd rather know now than get my hopes up only to be disappointed every Friday.
  7. How long is Gerard going to be available? Not sure I'll have time to do this tonight...
  8. Howdy! Found your ticket in our support system -- can you please check your e-mail spam folder for email from Looks like we replied to you there. You can also check ticket status at any time from: In the meantime, can you please confirm that you are entering the Feature playlist by going to Furbottom's Feature > Feature? When you enter the theater lobby, the sign posted to the left of the entrance should say "The Grimporeum" on the top sign and "LevelDesignGuy" on the bottom sign if you are playing Solo. So when you walk past the Gift Shop entrance, do you see doors with locks on them and level thumbnails at the top? Or do you not see any doors or level thumbnails at all? Also please keep in mind that you must complete the third level in the first trio for the next trio of levels to unlock. Hi Lindsay, - I did not see the email, in my inbox or my spam's entirely possible Gmail ate it in transit. Not sure what the ticket ID is, so if you wanted to leave that here or PM it to me, I can follow up with it from there. I am getting to the Feature playlist by following the steps you mentioned; however, when I get there, the sign says "The Grimporeum" but by a "nightfirek900", not LevelDesignGuy. (This is in Solo.) I suspect the issue lies here, somehow. I don't see any doors or thumbnails when I get past the Gift Shop, even though I did complete the first set of three levels. It's as if whoever built the theater forgot to knock down the walls for the doors. I snapped a photo to show you what I mean: (text link because it's huge) Hope this is helpful!
  9. Still can't play anything more than the first three levels. I am going to be furious if I miss out on one of the star heads I'm missing because the game doesn't work.
  10. Still can't play this playlist! Emailing support has been no help at all! Would really love a way to resolve this!
  11. Mentioned this in the other thread, but the solo featured playlist this week only loads the first three levels. Past the gift shop, there are no doors to open.
  12. Also is there a reason only the first three levels of the single-player feature show up for me? There aren't even any doors to open past the Gift Shop.
  13. Great job dismissing his request for help! A+++++ would read again.
  14. For the love of God, please no more making me complete user-created levels to unlock star heads. This is awful.
  15. Finished all the levels. Yikes. I can't get past the beginning of Encore 3. I think I'm just gonna leave that alone.