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  1. Battleblock on Steam! WOOOHOO

  2. Wazzup everyone! Pretty sure only very few recall me, I'm Thunder Knight! After recently purchasing Battleblock Theater on Steam I decided it was time to make a run back to this awesome forum . So, what brings me back? Well, I promised many of you I'd be playing along at some point, here I am to honor my words. Add me on steam: thunderzee Also, if some of you could help with community heads and some other goodies I'd greatly appreciate . It's good to be back folks, 'tis good
  3. I'm buying Sly Cooper Thieves in Time today.
  4. Dinosaurs have no power here, especially after I wiped you all out.... or did you? *cough* Jurassic park *cough* Why do you think there hasn't been a Jurassic park movie in 12 years... Everyone who had the idea left it. Pure procrastination
  5. Reminds of Gorillaz, therefore Childhood music.
  6. OOOH YES! Cartoon Network times... Sailor Moon and Sakura Card Captors, those were the best before Dragon Ball Z. I miss those animes so much, every time I think about them, I revive part of my childhood... Good times stay gold forever
  7. Don't want to be rude or anything like it, but where's everyone in this forum?
  8. Evil, just don't. You will keep checking every day, trust me.
  9. Most of us hardcore gamers probably acknowledge the sad truth behind Crash Bandicoot's disappearance. Crash Bandicoot was a game originally designed for kids from 1990s to 2007ish. It marked the childhoods of many teens and young adults, including myself. I have played all Crash games till this day, my favorite was Crash Bash. Sony decided to sell the poor bandicoot away to Activision, who mistreated him, delivering two HORRIBLE games to many fans around the world. Due to their respective failure, Activision fired the entire team and decided to work on Spyro. Activision has been holding firmly to the franchise, not even letting the poor character in PS All-stars Battle Royale, a game he must be in. To change this scenario, gamers need someone who's willing to make a new Crash Bandicoot game. Like Sanzaru Games, who had the courage and braveness to make a sequel to Sly Cooper, another abandoned franchise. I wish there was a way to get the message out there, even if it required a Kickstarter funding, thousands of gamers and I would pay $100 if necessary to make this dream come true. What's your take on this?
  10. I gave up on waiting... Until I see console equality no money shall leave my wallet to support the Behemoth.
  11. Everyone's obsessed with Nicolas Cage for some reason...
  12. So I've heard... Valve listens to gamers, I'm sure they'll come up with a plan to make the game.