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    Biggest Gaming Let Downs!

    I was thinking about it based on this article I read at IGN somewhere else... In your opinion, what game is the biggest let down? Personally, I strongly disliked Plants vs Zombies 2 (Free for Iphone). Everything good in the game has to be paid for, which clearly summarizes why EA was voted worst american gaming company of the year. I'd rather pay 2 bucks for the complete version then to pay from a range of 2 - 4.99 for the ''better'' plants and some asinine upgrades. They're not forcing you to pay for anything, but at the same time keep throwing at your face how much easier beating levels could be if only you had purchased the extra. The game looks ok AND PLAYS VERY REPETITIVELY (the previous game had level variations now and then), the new power-ups are mediocre, also ruining the most important aspect of the game, popping zombie heads with your plant selection solely, and to finish off the levels are not as explored as shown in the first game.
  2. Wazzup everyone! Pretty sure only very few recall me, I'm Thunder Knight! After recently purchasing Battleblock Theater on Steam I decided it was time to make a run back to this awesome forum . So, what brings me back? Well, I promised many of you I'd be playing along at some point, here I am to honor my words. Add me on steam: thunderzee Also, if some of you could help with community heads and some other goodies I'd greatly appreciate . It's good to be back folks, 'tis good
  3. Battleblock on Steam! WOOOHOO

  4. Thunder Knight

    Musical Let Downs!

    Thunderous topic landing peeps! This is another one of those ''poll'' types of thread. The topic is very obvious, is there any band/singer who let you down recently in terms of music quality? I can point many, but for now, here's two: Avenged Sevenfold: Their new album didn't quite interest me like the last one, they're missing something... Oh yeah, the REV. If you know A7X, I shouldn't have to add anything else. Panic at the Disco!: Started off so well with ''I Write Sins not Tragedies'', ''Nine in the Afternoon'', and ''The Ballad of Mona Lisa''. Now they're following trends, not really focusing on creative lyrics and long titles, summarizing, the band lost its uniqueness. I was going to mention Fall Out Boy for shifting towards popular music, but their last album was really good. In your opinion, what bands/singers can be considered musical let downs?
  5. Thunder Knight

    Black Friday/boxing Day Plans!

    Salutations wild creatures, today's thread is about upcoming sales in the next few months. I'm not bothering to introduce my topic, let's get straight to it! Thunder Knight's List: - Borderlands 2 GOTY - Dishonored GOTY - Clothes, shoes, accessories What are you cashing in?
  6. Thunder Knight

    Sly Cooper.

    I'm buying Sly Cooper Thieves in Time today.
  7. Thunder Knight

    Castle Crashers? Oh No... Wait?!

    Amadores de frango assado, I present you this very interesting piece of game also introduced at PAX... I won't even say much, just watch the trailer: It comes out on September 18th, I'll definitely be getting this one, looks fun
  8. Thunder Knight

    Breaking Bad Finale Thread!

    Greetings ladies and gentleman, I don't know how many of you watched the Breaking Bad finale yesterday, but it felt satisfying! I wish every finale was like it, the slow tension rising throughout the episode, also Walter becoming ''human'' once again. The last few scenes were expected, except the fact that he'd assume his passion for being a drug lord. For those of you who took the time to watch such a perfect final craft, what did you think?
  9. Thunder Knight

    New Upcoming Star Heads(Maybe)

    Dinosaurs have no power here, especially after I wiped you all out.... or did you? *cough* Jurassic park *cough* Why do you think there hasn't been a Jurassic park movie in 12 years... Everyone who had the idea left it. Pure procrastination
  10. Thunder Knight

    Charlie Murder Fan Art

    Reminds of Gorillaz, therefore Childhood music.
  11. Thunder Knight

    Sailor Moon

    OOOH YES! Cartoon Network times... Sailor Moon and Sakura Card Captors, those were the best before Dragon Ball Z. I miss those animes so much, every time I think about them, I revive part of my childhood... Good times stay gold forever
  12. Thunder Knight

    The Dragon Ball Topic.

    5-star comment.
  13. Thunder Knight

    Crash Bandicoot

    Most of us hardcore gamers probably acknowledge the sad truth behind Crash Bandicoot's disappearance. Crash Bandicoot was a game originally designed for kids from 1990s to 2007ish. It marked the childhoods of many teens and young adults, including myself. I have played all Crash games till this day, my favorite was Crash Bash. Sony decided to sell the poor bandicoot away to Activision, who mistreated him, delivering two HORRIBLE games to many fans around the world. Due to their respective failure, Activision fired the entire team and decided to work on Spyro. Activision has been holding firmly to the franchise, not even letting the poor character in PS All-stars Battle Royale, a game he must be in. To change this scenario, gamers need someone who's willing to make a new Crash Bandicoot game. Like Sanzaru Games, who had the courage and braveness to make a sequel to Sly Cooper, another abandoned franchise. I wish there was a way to get the message out there, even if it required a Kickstarter funding, thousands of gamers and I would pay $100 if necessary to make this dream come true. What's your take on this?
  14. Thunder Knight

    Castle Crashers: 3 Word Story

    Say to Yugo the pervert?
  15. Thunder Knight

    Crash Bandicoot

    Don't want to be rude or anything like it, but where's everyone in this forum?
  16. Thunder Knight

    Wha, What! But Why?

    Evil, just don't. You will keep checking every day, trust me.
  17. Thunder Knight

    "why? Why Hatty Why?!"

    I gave up on waiting... Until I see console equality no money shall leave my wallet to support the Behemoth.
  18. Thunder Knight

    Best Face Swaps

    Everyone's obsessed with Nicolas Cage for some reason...
  19. Hay xiken lohvers! Today's thunderous topic is directly related to my birthday, which recently came by. I try to be as thankful as possible for incoming gifts, but sometimes there's no absolute way to at least accept them. So, what's the strangest gift you ever received? The weirdest gift I ever received has to be this elephant themed underwear. Do I need to add anything else? Self explanatory right?
  20. Thunder Knight

    Users Vs Mods 2.0

  21. Thunder Knight

    Valve Registers "half-Life 3" Trademarks

    So I've heard... Valve listens to gamers, I'm sure they'll come up with a plan to make the game.
  22. Thunder Knight

    Assassin's Creed

    Pretty much. The first one didn't suck, it just got really repetitive. The ending was mind blowing though!
  23. Thunder Knight

    Nice People On Bbt

    The forum community is really nice to everyone overall, I'm proud of them!
  24. Thunder Knight

    Assassin's Creed

    I love AC, possessing all games except for the last one which didn't quite interest me (horrible theme). AC 2 and Brotherhood were definitely one of a kind, both superb games with amazing story lines and gameplay, what ruined the franchise in my opinion was the addition of multiplayer. Ubisoft started focusing excessively on it instead of coming up with a meaningful/deep story, for Revelations wasn't that great. I heard the creative director from the first games came back to write the story of AC IV especially for the fans and then quit. Lets keep our fingers crossed, I'm putting my money on the next AC.
  25. Thunder Knight

    Kirby For 3Ds

    I got excited with the news as well! Kirby has to be my favorite game for nintendo portable consoles.