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  1. You mean most people don't play the game at all. They just sit inside the trading post or gift shop for hours & hours. If a arena game does load & not the gift shop. Then they rage quit instantly. If they don't rage quit then they sit idle not playing until the maps are over just to rush inside the gift shop. Now I understand people want the star heads. Makes sense but playing the game correctly would be more beneficial. All the heads I didn't have I bought with extreme amounts of gems which I acquired through playing & winning arena matches. Now if the person I'm attempting to purchase a star head from has it but isn't willing to trade it. I'm not going to bash him by sending messages talking trash or yell into my mic while attempting to force him to trade. People need to understand that if a player doesn't want to trade for whatever reason that doesn't make them a piece of ####. A lot of the people that play this game have a strong delusional idea that if they ask someone for a head they must give it to them but don't realize things don't work that way. Perhaps try actually playing the game & earning gems. Then maybe perhaps you will come across someone willing to trade that star head you want so bad but can only afford to give away 10 gems because that's all you have. Most the players who act like this request a star head & don't even have more then 20 gems. First off I never trade star heads & even if I did I don't think I would be trading it for 20 gems specially if it took me over 500 or even 1,000 gems to purchase it. Hopefully you learn from this.
  2. 98% of the people don't even know how to correctly play any of the arena matches because of the amount of time spent inside the gift. Out of that 98% about 90% aren't even in their to trade. So whenever someone exits the gift shop to start the arena game everyone just rage quits and if they don't rage quit then just sit still for all 3 maps until its over and time to go back to the gift shop.
  3. You're gamertag is mgmgrand2010. I think I've seen you on call of duty zombies lobbies. You're from Michigan to aren't you?
  4. This head appears right after the two yellow heads. His scene is like only 3 to 5 seconds. The "Big Chin" head punches his teammate into the water. BTW "Big Chin" teammate is using a circle head.
  5. Anyone notice big chin on the main menu screen. If you haven't wait until both players are purple and you will see him. Just curious if its a star head not yet released or perhaps cut from the game which I hope not.
  6. People would just go back into the gift shop. I would like to see like 400 new head released for dlc that you can start buying or instead of heads perhaps new bodies. For example like a body wearing a tuxedo or some type of jacket. So you can pick a head & pick a body to mix and match everything.
  7. Do you even plan on purchasing the game ever let alone an Xbox?
  8. You called it. Cause the boot and moose were released today.
  9. Ya unfortunately I know. I already reported their account but I've heard that you also may be banned from playing online certain individual games. Rather then an account ban. Now even if their account is to be banned they would simply create another account and reupload the save game file.
  10. These kids names are here not for you guys to watch out for or anything but perhaps Dan or Tom can have these idiots banned. They used modio to upload a game save with edited hex codes allowing them to have over 40,000 gems and star heads unreleased yet. Gamertags: 1. Begful 2. Begfully 3. Snipercrazy45
  11. I don't care what people use but standing in one spot the entire game smashing the "B" button like no tomorrow is rather ignorant. Then first chance they get the ball with a simple easy shot and open net. They rather glitch the ball into the net from underneath is pathetic. That's why I host my own lobbies and refuse to play with most these kids. I myself and hundreds of not thousands of others can simply play arena ball game the way it was meant to be played. Fair & Legit. Without glitching. Most people don't even realize there is more then 1 button on the Xbox360 controller rather then 1 button most prefer to use & ONLY use.
  12. And that not my excuse for losing because I for have they most impressive win loss ratio with 1,330 wins and only 42 loses.