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  1. Icy Cube

    Xbox One

    I'm going to get a gaming pc or a PS4. I currently have an Xbox 360 but I really don't like the Xbox One
  2. Borderlands 2 and Rise of the Argounauts
  3. Anyone seen ThatOneVideoGamer on youtube? if not this is a good video by him:
  4. Although toast and UFO cats were really annoying, it always made me want to throw my controller through a window when I saw those missile bots on insane....
  5. I wanted to be in the top 10 for getting all the achievements on TrueAchievements (which I did) Get A++ every level on every mode (haven't done that one yet...) Get all the heads Make a viciouslyawesome playlist And get a high world ranking and also a high ranking on one on the multiplayer types
  6. It took me over 30 hours I think. I played a lot more than normal when this came out .
  7. Unlocking fifty prisoners. I believe the "All Around Joe" one is glitched as well. I got the" All Around Joe" achievement so I don't think it's glitched. Oh and I forgot to mention I'm in the top ten for BBT on Trueachievements!
  8. I just got every single achievement in BattleBlock Theater (except for the glitched one of course)!!!!!! Hows everyone else doing on their achievements? Oh and anyone know when the Jail Breaker achievement will be fixed?
  9. I hope they don't do a sequel. I like how every game is different. Although I would like to know what happens to Hatty....
  10. Well we went back and checked the levels again and it turns out he was missing a ribbon. We did the level again and he got the achievement! Thanks for all the help everyone! Oh and DarkenedNight I saw you in the top 10 for BBT on TAs leaderboard!
  11. Yeh Is there something you have to do? Like play through the final level twice or something? How do I contact The Behemoth? Or could it be an Xbox glitch and it'll unlock tomorrow?