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  1. DanP is exactly ranked 10, Update I'm now rank 254
  2. If you ever want to go online it, you will have to get the second profile membership unless you use guest which is the problem you are having so therefore you will need to create a profile as above was saying.. Hope this worked out for you - Have fun
  3. Well what i tend to do is, if i am the host i do all the movement and stuff like, moving rocks etc.
  4. Post all your battleblock theater glitches here! Just to make it easier for Admins etc I have this one glitch if you put the angry dog thing near a lava block and he jumps to try and get you but hes hitting the wall at the same time he teleports through blocks
  5. You can upload it to a photo hosting website such as, imgur, photobucket etc. Then you click the little picture in the "Reply to topic" box and copy and paste the link to the image(s)
  6. If i join do i have to change my profile picture to hatty :3
  7. Castle Crashers Far Cry 3 - Bun Dem (The mission when you have to burn some illegal drugs)
  8. Well i wouldn't buy Alien Hominid HD Just for the castle crashers DLC, At the time i wasn't think about that it was a nice piece of content though. But iv'e completed the game and only have, Alien in training, Juvenile Alien and Hungry Yeti.. and i wasn't doing it for the castle crashers character.. errr i'm not to good at AH :L
  9. I would make it but i just haven't got the patient nor' program
  10. Did you use a mouse or a pad. it's pretty good dude.
  11. I would get my fingers and stick it right in.................... the xbox powerbutton
  12. You should upload your progress brother :3
  13. Nice i'm just got pushed up 30 to 633, just from collecting 1 gem :S