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  1. CKlidify

    Alien Hominid On Steam

    I have it on XBLA, same with CC and BBT. I also have CC and BBT on steam, so it would be great to have AH in BBT and CC. (So sorry for all the acronyms)
  2. CKlidify

    [5-15-2014] We Love You!

    I got the behemoth chicken during the beta But there is one thing I don't understand. All star heads are out on XBLA, will we get them in featured levels and things like fathers day aswell? Same times as they were released on XBLA? I'm semi-confused.
  3. CKlidify

    The Fastest Way To Earn Gems Anyone?

    Everyone else has already said this, but arena, and insane mode...
  4. CKlidify

    Battleblock Theater 2?

    I'd certanly hope so! That'd be awesome! More insight on Hatty and his "death"
  5. CKlidify

    Custom Heads!

    I recently made a subreddit where you can post your own Custom Heads, along with a tutorial on how to use them!
  6. CKlidify

    So I Need Some Trades

    I will trade you 1 yarn for 10 gems, prices can also go as low as 3 gems for 1 yarn! (I have chicken toucher, so you will get the achievement if you trade/play with me) My Xbox Live Gamertag is CKlidify!