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  1. I have it on XBLA, same with CC and BBT. I also have CC and BBT on steam, so it would be great to have AH in BBT and CC. (So sorry for all the acronyms)
  2. I got the behemoth chicken during the beta But there is one thing I don't understand. All star heads are out on XBLA, will we get them in featured levels and things like fathers day aswell? Same times as they were released on XBLA? I'm semi-confused.
  3. Everyone else has already said this, but arena, and insane mode...
  4. I'd certanly hope so! That'd be awesome! More insight on Hatty and his "death"
  5. I recently made a subreddit where you can post your own Custom Heads, along with a tutorial on how to use them!
  6. I will trade you 1 yarn for 10 gems, prices can also go as low as 3 gems for 1 yarn! (I have chicken toucher, so you will get the achievement if you trade/play with me) My Xbox Live Gamertag is CKlidify!