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  1. But on the bright side, those "fresh newbs" haven't been tainted with the "trading-frenzy" disease yet. They actually play with you to collect stuff and stuff, you won't see them just dashing straight to the trading room and quit when they're done trading.
  2. The new heads are nice. I might start saying "Snake? SNAAAAAKE!" when I die/fail an easy challenge
  3. ...They And that's where golden whales come from. So the mother gave birth to art supplies? Nope, mom and dad just take some time to go to the store together to buy the required materials.
  4. ...They And that's where golden whales come from.
  5. The one I hated the most was the one in chapter 8 where you had to go down a \ tunnel full of chainsaws and laser and then climb back up using horizontal monkey bars. Brotip: You can easily SKIP the rock-moving block part of 8-4. All you need is the nerf gun. Found that out AFTER getting my golden trophy, it would have been great knowing that earlier
  6. I don't think having twins would end up well...
  7. Missile bots until I figured out that grenades can disable them (learned that after I unlocked my gold trophy of course -_-"). Toast+Laser=Rage.
  8. I would like to see a time challenge variant where each player could place up to 2 additionnal cats (unarmed or armed, not the gem ones) anywhere in the level before the game start (you get 4 cats if you are the only person in your team, 2 cats if you have a teammate). Both teams have to make it through the map that both teams "customised".
  9. Maybe level up the CC King to a certain level to unlock him in BBT?
  10. ^So true Were the new Featured playlists made by the same person or two different persons? Just wondering if we'll get slightly modified versions of solo maps to support coop gameplay or if it'll be two completely different challenges.
  11. "YOLO" so you should try to get the soon-to-be-rare-for-an-undetermined-amount-of-time special heads before the offer expire.
  12. -You'll be like "Don't turn your back on me!" and he'll be like "MYAAAAHHH!" and you'll be like ""FRSHHBLBL!" and he'll be like "MYAAAAHHH!"
  13. Oh, I thought you were talking about the saw blade on lava part. A moving block in that lava-saw area would have been pretty helpful, I was afraid that I missed it and complicated my life for no reason