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  1. I'm pretty behind on BBT seeing as how I got burnt out on it and haven'r played for like two weeks, so I trade some of my yarn. One yarn ball for 10 gems since there is 7 gems and 1 yarn ball in each level. Kind of poopy, but have to make up for lost time somehow. I also save up at least sixty just in case of future DLC that may contain new weaponry.
  2. Would kind of suck for me, but meh. I don't have enough time and I'm not as in love with BBT as I was in April to get to the top ten.
  3. Same thing. Some of them even call me a noob saying a don't have the toast or rose head, yet I have the chicken head, a head they want to trade 20 GEMS for! And is in my opinion the hardest Furbottom yet. I precede to telling them off and explaining I only missed the two heads because I was pretty burnt out on BBT when they were floating around. They rage quit, and I have to wait ages to find another decent game.
  4. There's a knight star head? When was this, because I most certainly don't have one.
  5. I don't play ball game anymore. Whenever I get into a game its just a bunch of mindless children who abuse the glitch and then just camp with fans the entire game. That's pretty much why I stick to 3 multiplayer modes now, though CTH can become a scrub fest at times.
  6. No. I will beat the levels for fun, but I absolutely refuse to wear that head. It reminds me of my days in the Theater. All those slices of toast mocking me, beating me, insulting me, violating me to the core until my psyche burst like a jelly filled, pink, frosted, sprinkled doughnut (the doughnut should have been filled with purple jelly, not red jelly because red jelly is overrated). If I see anyone wearing that head online, it won't be my fault if they are repeatedly killed. Toast is the worst obstacle in the game.
  7. My head can't process so many theories. All Dan is doing is trying to keep the timeline hush hush, and everyone else is going off a limb, adding to the twisty body of this question, ultimately creating a disfigured and contorted person. You can't confuse me Behemoth forums, believe me when I say I've already tried.
  8. Menu music. I sometimes just stand there for four hours without even moving my controller or breathing. Absolutely superb.
  9. I don't know man, evolution is pretty beast. Only thing it hasn't done right is not giving us wings or dorsal fins. Bunch of bull that we haven't gotten either of those yet if you ask me.
  10. Mutant, it's all pretty simple.
  11. I have been playing Behemoth's games since AH was put up on Newgrounds, but I am fairly new when it comes to the forums. Why is it so blasphemous to talk about the beta?
  12. If the theater was founded in 1912 at the latest, and the hat was passed around for generations, something must be wrong. Eitehr everyone who had the hat was stupid and died quickly, or the game is way in the future. I mean Hatty had to be the greatest wearer for he did kill Honey Hug and he didn't last very long, plus the game takes place before Alien Hominid. So either AH's time period was in the future and was they were LAGGING WAY BEHIND in the technological department, or the Behemoth are hiding something and laughing at us from behind their monitors.
  13. SIG96


    and I cannot even beat the first part. Cheat codes, Son. Cheat codes.
  14. I have to say I agree... if what I gathered correctly is that the way MVP is set up, people pretty much ignore the objective, and play cheap simply going for that one extra gem, title, or both. Last thing I need are more scrubs trying to get MVP by just spamming grenades or fan, I have already avoided a LOT of people when it comes to Xbox Live preference.