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  1. there are some odd ones where you have to destroy certain buildings... so just throw grenades at buildings that look unique like the 'fish are like plants' building.
  2. they could just make a quick puzzle game to fill space... there popular and they dont take much to make...
  3. that picture spells truth there
  4. 15. the visions of tiny green people everywhere who want to kill him, witch me must first seek out to kill before they succeed... 16. killing off the rest of the behemoth team for a bigger cut.
  5. shooting at fat kid and watching him dance.
  6. i can do better... i got a whole row on the fan art page XD
  7. allow me to elaborate my request through 30 seconds of terrible drawing.
  8. woah... i didnt expect this thread to die D: someone get some creativity in here! STAT!
  9. a small lizard with wings (lizard err... lizardy) awesomness +2000 speed +9 attack+3 defense +15 magic -10000
  10. i might paint myself yellow and bite some policeman's heads off...
  11. hmm, all of these strategies seem really cheap, i mean, you already got a lot of advantages over this guy... he is huge! you cant miss, and his moves are easy to dodge... i dont know why he wasn't harder being the last boss... just keep hitting him and keep away. anybody who does the controller glitch shouldn't have the achievement <_< shame on you!
  12. i haven't used the pda games on the XBLA version but committing suicide can kill enemies and allies who are close... me and my friend used to do dog fights to kill eachover but it is also a funny way to get out of sticky situations...
  13. a 3rd fridge, but this time its personal
  14. i thought they should of made a 'ultra hard' mode because after playing it on the gamecube then playing it on the xbox i flew through it fast and hard just felt the same i hope castle crashers is alot harder