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  1. We also call that "pirating", or more those with an impaired vocabulary, "illegal". You also must have one heck of a slow internet for 30 minutes waiting on that, mine's twice as fast at 10-15 minutes for most things that size, most recent downloaded torrent being a bunch of D&D pre-made player scenarios to see how it's done so I can try and make my own eventually. All saved in the PDF format Well you have to get the trial first which takes a lil bit.
  2. It takes like 30 minutes to get free from torrents.
  3. Banned for having a looserful avatar!
  4. Oh dang really good. Different background I see.
  5. What ever floats your boat. But dosen't sitting there doing the glitch get boring?
  6. Hey, did you get paid for your Ninja Pirate picture you made?
  7. Hey do you think you could post the render of the fable char? I'd really like to make a sig with it.
  8. Banned for being in a magical world.
  9. Dude, thats awesome. Quite a creative wife.
  10. Here's a few tips. Always try and use simple fonts. Most of the times fonts screw up the whole sig. Blending the render works wonders in making the sig better. Make sure you don't make the sig's to big. Hope they help and can't wait to see all your creations!
  11. Lol, dude I'm just joking. I didn't even make it. Ppowers did. Give the credit to him.
  12. The size of my penis in inches...
  13. U totally stole my sig.