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  1. Heya guys! I got my package like 2 weeks ago, but was sick at the time, so I didn't really feel like trying to find a camera at the time. Sorry about that. (Got the Bipolar charm, btw. It's a little impossible to see from the angle I took the pic at. ^^) ... 0121_n.jpg Love the AH stickers. ^^ ... 1844_n.jpg Pure win ... 6883_n.jpg Love the added touch of the 'backpack' guy being in the background. Thanks Dan. ^^ ... 9301_n.jpg Oh and Kelly, you must be psychic or something, I've been wanting that poop for like ever. ^^ Thanks everyone for all the stuff. Makes the game even more awesome. ^^
  2. It's the Barbarian symbol bro. Most noticeable from when the big man knocks down the door. (Starts hoping his package gets here today as well.)
  3. Hahaha, your funny. You realize your on the internet, right? Making a post in a forum, exclaiming "Rank #1 PS#!!" Right? Or, you know, anyone who looks at the leaderboards also has access to this information. You can not say you are not looking for praise.
  4. Yay indeed. ^^ I can't wait to get this now. (Starts looking for someplace to put the king)
  5. Are you talking to me? Please name who you are talking, if this was an answer to me please tell me so, and don't talk about things you don't understand, you seem to have no idea of what you are talking about I agree with you basilisk. There are better ways of handling this everyone. This doesn't need to turn into a system flame war just because of blind fanboy-ism. I think at where your getting drunken feedle, but why don't you restate what you were saying, because some people seem to have taken your comment as hate.
  6. The only vice I have with your data there is when I was helping out a friend during the contest, Full Moon was the only stage he was missing after beating the final boss. (I don't think they've patched it yet, and I'm nowhere near a point of being able to test it out again. So I'm not really in a position to refute your argument, I'm just telling you what I've experienced.)
  7. Cool, this completely works for me. Thank you for keeping us updated.
  8. You can skip straight to the last boss, but there is also the requirement of having to do the Full Moon stage on the PS3 version. (I don't know if you did it, but I'd thought I'd throw it out there.)
  9. I'll take the surprise on the lot of it, but I would love a chicken key chain. I'll most likely be using it the most, so that would be wonderful if you could. ^^
  10. Could we make requests on that level sense they haven't been shipped out? (Pretty please with sugar on top?)
  11. Dude, That's awesome. ^^ I wish the mailman would hurry up and get here. ^^ What section of the country do you live in btw? I just wanna know whether or not I should brace myself for dissapointment.
  12. I was reading around and people aren't entirely shure what that means as it can still be seen that there are still stat differences in even the trailer.
  13. I have to agree with this. I heard about this concept back when it was announced back at the gaming summit. I thought "cool! I'll have to check this out." Not that long after that, (maybe a month or two) RockBand announced the same thing. So I highly doubt it was a rip off. It's really too bad for the company that developed this too, having to now compete with an existing brand.
  14. Yes VainHero, pictures please! I know I'm going to plaster some pics on here once I get mine. ooh, and does this mean Dan personalized these drawings for us? If so I'm gonna go INSANE. (lol, badpun) I'll be getting the best of both games in one awesome picture. ^^