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  1. In my opinion there is more things Behemoth can do. There could be more opportunities for star heads for one. Also looking at the Q&A I suggest doing Castle Crashers in a different time period for something new and different. Back to BBT I suggest new things to include and more features in Furbottoms. Any opinions?
  2. Yea I have always wondered that myself.
  3. How do I include a secret level when editing?
  4. The 720 and ps4 will ultimately put gaming companies such as gamestop out of business due to the fact that a disc goes only to one console and preowned games would be a bust. This causing a domino effect and ruining our gaming lives.
  5. I really wish i could know more about the star heads because its fun to unlock and it is something to look forward to.
  6. When i collected a gem he said "Dont spend it all in one place."
  7. The way that local games are played could be improved as well. When playing with my friend we have trouble with seeing. We also have trouble when starting a scene because we both start in the same place and bump into each other. I would like to see bbt a more teamworthy game so i dont kill my friend as easy.
  8. "WOW! Even better than mama!" Im not sure but i think i collected a gem.