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  1. In my opinion there is more things Behemoth can do. There could be more opportunities for star heads for one. Also looking at the Q&A I suggest doing Castle Crashers in a different time period for something new and different. Back to BBT I suggest new things to include and more features in Furbottoms. Any opinions?
  2. fbandit


    Yea I have always wondered that myself.
  3. fbandit

    Secret Levels

    How do I include a secret level when editing?
  4. fbandit

    Xbox 720 And Ps4

    The 720 and ps4 will ultimately put gaming companies such as gamestop out of business due to the fact that a disc goes only to one console and preowned games would be a bust. This causing a domino effect and ruining our gaming lives.
  5. fbandit

    The Star Prisoner Category.

    I really wish i could know more about the star heads because its fun to unlock and it is something to look forward to.
  6. When i collected a gem he said "Dont spend it all in one place."
  7. fbandit

    A Few Improvements

    The way that local games are played could be improved as well. When playing with my friend we have trouble with seeing. We also have trouble when starting a scene because we both start in the same place and bump into each other. I would like to see bbt a more teamworthy game so i dont kill my friend as easy.
  8. "WOW! Even better than mama!" Im not sure but i think i collected a gem.