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  1. Hi, I need help with Finale Fur one cause I play solo and I cant get pass the part of the stage where there's pink goo and the laser beam shooting upwards. No idea how I should use the bar that is on the top block. I keep dying at this stage and I cant figure out how to use the dart gun to get across. Soloing everything is so hard.... =p Appreciate the help. Thanks!
  2. I havent managed to unlock everything yet, but by far the acid bubble is my favourite since you can jump on it just like bubble bobble. I am curious to know though, any chances for future content adding in new weapons similar to castle crashers dlc?
  3. So Yarn is limited to 1 per map? How does the yarn you earn in co op add up then? I always thought that if you were to replay a map to get a better score you would need to collect the yarn and gems again? I havent repeated any maps so I have no idea.
  4. I was looking forward to 4 player co op since I have 2 brothers and I was trying to introduce the game to them. Cause I thought that there would be 4 player co op just like in castle crashers. Upon finding out there wasnt, we tried arena mode off the bat and it wasnt really fun with 2 vs 1 and limited weapons since we didnt start the story mode. After that I tried the story mode and I find it fun, just that I wish there was more support for 4 player co op. Since it can be created in the editor I dont see why not have the option right from the start? Even though I read from the concerns of how easy the levels become with too many people in the game, I still feel its an important feature most people would want available easily? For now I guess that I just have to wait for 4 player co op maps that people create. Looking forward to getting them!
  5. Hi Behemoth moderators, I bought Battleblock Theater and I checked the Castle Crashers weapon frog with Hatty but I only found 4 new weapons, I seem to be missing the spoon weapon beside the claws and the 2x4 weapon beside the lightning sword. I took my references from the castle crashers wiki. Are those 2 I am missing supposed to be found in game? And I was quite puzzled that Hatty's weapon wasnt automatically unlocked in the weapon frog, unlike the previous dlc characters. I had to pick up an axe weapon and pick back up his gem weapon in order to unlock it in the weapon frog. And that almost gave me a chance of losing Hatty's gem weapon cause the weapon dropped out off screen before I killed the last enemy barbarian. ( the axe weapon dropped near to the edge of the screen). I quickly killed the barbarian and moved to the next scene before the weapon disappeared. Wonder if you all can clarify these 2 issues with me? Sorry for the long and wordy post. Thank you!
  6. Hi all, I noticed that at the big TV screen that scrolls to show the heads you unlocked, there's a board below with 30 yellow circles. Any idea what does the board show actually? I have a couple of circles lighted up but I dont know what they are for. Appreciate the help if anyone knows. Thanks!