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  1. Just checked on my phone and it looks like the UK now has the Blacksmith and Hatty for download. Yay!
  2. Thanks Trickster, I'm pretty confident that my release date is only a couple of weeks away anyway
  3. I agree too. Steam will probably get it in a fraction of the time it took the PS3 to get it
  4. Happy Birthday TricksterBeing in the UK and after rushing home I'm a bit miffed that there's no DLC for me! If anyone wants to share their new weapons with me I will be very happy
  5. Sorry slightly off topic but still relevant. How do you get your stats to appear at the bottom of your posts? Eg gold skulls 4 BK, OK etc? Scratch that, done it now
  6. The Necromancer, Catfish and main theme
  7. I bought the steam version to play as the Blacksmith. Once that was achieved I didn't play again as I prefer my PS3. I don't use Skype and I quit Facebook years ago because of the grief that came with it. Just add me on PSN. My username is the same as on here
  8. The Blacksmith will come to the PSN in time and I'm quite happy to play a few levels online with you. Even without the Blacksmith, there's 29 other characters to play with. The steam version is exactly the same as the Xbox version and totally playable with a controller.
  9. I never blamed The Behemoth and I've contacted Sony several times regarding the long awaited DLC and hit a brick wall each and every time. I guess I'll just have to try and be patient and continue my gold skull quest in the interim. I'm on my 4th now, the Barbarian
  10. Not necessarily, we may get Alien Hominid HD and a go at Battleblock! But... Maybe not
  11. They've finally acknowledged the psn fanbase again with a sale.Things look good for now. But... But...?
  12. Yeah c'mon the time is right. After practicing my juggles to a 'not bad' rank, I feel that I deserve the Blacksmith!