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  1. Are you new to a dev team that cares about their players? Because Behemoth isn't like many of those companies that spew games out of their sphincter and expect it to sell (which unfortunately does because many consumers are idiots, but I won't get into that right now as I could write paragraph after paragraph on how consumers are just sheep, but seriously this parenthesis is getting too long as is). Behemoth cares more about their community than most major developers nowadays. Why you think otherwise is beyond me. There will always be glitches in games, and every developer can't possibly find all of them and fix them in testing phases. So there was a minor oversight, would you have found this if you were testing the game? Maybe yes, maybe no, hardly worth blaming or claiming they don't care over though.
  2. Haha cool, some of my favorite quotes are on there. Definitely going to use a couple of these and hope I forget to turn my phone to vibrate while at work. Strange looks ahoy! Looking forward to the next pack of ringtones.
  3. A++ everything and sit on top of piles of gems. Then use those gems for mini-events either among the BBT community or with my friends on another website with it's own community for gamers.
  4. Sure is off-topic in here. I already answered OP's question and you guys are completely off-topic. If you wanna talk about early purchasing of games then maybe you should make a new thread about it instead of taking over someone else's?
  5. You don't know pain. You don't know have of the pain of dying. I almost died once, and from that day onwards I've decided to live my life to the fullest. That didn't work. Almost dying is scary. It was in America and I was 6, I was also pretending to be a squirrel near the edge of a cliff for some reason. Then I fell. And my brother grabbed me, like in films, and pulled me up. Scary times. Well this certainly seems out of place.
  6. I appreciate you helping me complete the challenge. I finally have the head now. I tried to join your game and help do the levels so you could get the head too, but someone else took my spot and you didn't respond to my message. At any rate, I hope you get your head soon. Hobo if you see this, I'm willing to help you get your head if you still need it. After all, you did contact me first and tried to co-op with me so it's only fair I help you.
  7. Often times I'll pick Quick Match and it'll throw me into a campaign or Challenge match, I quickly leave those as I'm not interested in playing either. Sorry if I happen to do it to you. Anyways, hopefully tonight me and Hobo can go through and get our heads. Time difference is a huge pain though.
  8. There was another thread sorta like this but it died once I posted. Guess I killed it. Anyways, I posted this in the other thread but all the same. I attempted to make a bucket hat but it looked more like a fedora or a gangster hat, so I changed the color.
  9. I am aware but there's a better chance of me finding a partner by making a thread as opposed to posting in someone else's thread. This way my post isn't overlooked or ignored and people can clearly see I am looking for a partner. And on that note, I still need a partner and would really like to play before I leave for work in 3 hours. So if anyone would like to co-op, send a message to NekTM. I'll be available to play within the next hour and a half, after that I won't be able to play until late tonight or all day tomorrow.
  10. I'm not sure what you expected from a platforming game. Not all platformers require a boss to be considered non-repetitive, and that's ideally what a platformer is. You avoid hazards and obstacles, jump on platforms, and make it to the exit. Little Big Planet was just platforming with colorful levels. Bosses didn't make the game less repetitive and once you beat the game, all that was left was to go back and ace all the levels, go through it in co-op, and/or find player created levels. Same scenario with Battleblock Theater. Do you know of N+? That game was a huge hit on PC awhile back and it was ported to XBLA, and it was also a huge hit there. And it's nothing but platforming. No bosses, just run to the exit and avoid obstacles. Plain and simple platforming. Super Meat Boy has bosses, but what do you do once you beat them? Never do them again as there's no purpose to fighting them again. No replay value there. What do you do when you beat the game? Go back and A+ all the levels. There's some replay value. What do you do when you A+ all the levels? Go visit the player created content. My point is if you think this game gets repetitive with 8 chapters of stages, double that if you play co-op with a friend, and no bosses then perhaps a base platformer like this isn't for you. That or you aren't thinking ahead of what you're given. There's player-created content and each week a new playlist picked from the community is brought into the Features giving us a good level to play with. Then there's multiplayer arena with 8 different modes to choose from. What kind of platforming game do you enjoy and consider non-repetitive?
  11. If I'm not mistaken one of the devs, possibly Dan, said that once it's fixed everyone should get the achievement if they have 50+ prisoners.
  12. Okay NEVERMIND! Long story short, I'm available again. Send me a message if you're on and we'll get going to co-op right away.
  13. Oh shoot, I hopped on to edit my post but oh well. Something came up and I have to leave for awhile. If you're willing to wait until later, then I'll be back in 3 hours and we can play. Up to you.
  14. I've tried my luck playing with strangers on Furbottom's Features, but to be bluntly honest, every one of my partners has sucked. Is it really so hard to grab the gems, maybe the yarn too, and then just complete the level? Apparently it is for everyone I've tried to play with. So I turn to you fellow forum-goers in hopes that there's someone who has yet to do the co-op and is willing to send me a message. I really want the new head and at this point I just want to rush through grabbing everything and immediately going to the finish. I'm looking for a partner who tries to get all the gems and yarn and doesn't dick around in a level. A mic isn't required but would be nice, just no squeakers. I'll play with a squeaker if they keep their mic off. My gamertag is NekTM Send me a message if you're interested. I'll be on for the next few hours.