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  1. The PSN Store does not weigh games like the 360 does (I noticed you called it an arcade game, which the PSN does not have). The PSN store has 3 types of games; PS3 games, PS minis, and PSP games. Sony makes no differentiation between a 300MB game and an 8GB game (unless the 300MB game is a mini). Also No she didn't.
  2. Key word there. As I said before the (console) gaming industry is full of double standards and back alley deals so it is very possible that Sony broke it's own rules (if such rules even exist!) but I am looking for someone from The Behemoth to elaborate on the subject.
  3. Can Kelly or another Behemoth employee comment now that we have shown a game that is PSN downloadable and has the feature we ask for? I am sure everyone understands that Media Molecule is now a subsidiary of Sony (They weren't at LBP's release, but it was solely a disc game then) so it is very possible Sony broke it's own PSN rules (as from what I can find online both M$ and Sony do repeatedly). But that should make it easier to contact them and ask for help considering they are part of the company who sold The Behemoth their dev unit.
  4. Yeah it is. Has been for some time. Here is a pic of the US store on Little Big Planets page found by going through List of everything by name. Looking for it through the Games section, it has no listing. http://bayimg.com/BaoOnAacN Looking at the wikipedia entry for LBP I noticed it is available for download in Europe only. I am from the US so I didn't know. Also it was just released on August 29th on the EU PSN store. So there is an example for The Behemoth to use. Little Big Planet is now a downloadable game on the EU PSN store as of 8/29/2010.
  5. Wrong, almost all my Little Big Planet trophies were earned while playing with my girlfriend on the same console (some of them were online with friends too). The trophy graphic in the upper right hand corner would go off for one of us, then the other (which is different that the 360 because on the 360 it goes off once but shows the players who earned it via the green lights around the X). So on the PS3 the trophy sound would happen twice because we both got the trophy. I am unsure about if there is simultaneous PSN log ins, but data is saved separately (to the proper local accounts) and trophies are earned separately (and properly synced to PSN). I like Hatchling's idea of enabling offline separate co-op play at the least.
  6. Kelly, Let me start with saying I have never developed anything for a video game beyond mods and proof of concept, but I do hold a degree in computer information systems so I understand code and the limitations of SDK's. What I do not understand is why it would matter if the game is downloadable or not. As far as I can assume, (emphasis on the word assume) the only things that would be locked out for downloadable games would be access to the disc drive. If disc games and downloadable games are developed on the same SDK then they should have access to the same libraries and code would be transferable (in essence using the same subroutine). I want to make another assumption and say that when you pay the outrageous amount SONY charges for their SDK unit ($10,250 last time the price was leaked) you get some kind of support with it. I wonder if the support would include the ability to e-mail SONY and ask if it can be done. If they say it can't then maybe ask for an explanation (although SONY's lawyers have a field day when you imply something could be improved). Unfortunately due to how convoluted the video games industry is end users can not just look up the API (like we could for almost any other platform) or load up the SDK. So I may just be spouting bull feces. Also, the only possible game I found while checking the PSN store that may have the functionality you are looking for is Fat Princess. Can someone who is on this board and owns Fat Princess (demo is not updated like full version, I checked ) check if it has the ability to have multiple PSN accounts logged in at once while online. I know since patch 1.06 they allow multiple local players to go online, but I can't find if it allows multiple PSNids at once.
  7. First off, Im 15. I go school so I can get a good education. I dont have time for a full fledged job. Your going 'Lol squeaky voiced kid plays Xbox' This may come as a shock, but teenagers play video games HOLY poop GET WASHINGTON ON THE PHONE. But I still have to earn money whether paper route or chores (and not pussy chores like dishes, I mean going down into a 4 ft. high crawl space and help my dad rip out and pack 30 year old insulation) If you could comprehend my post, you would realize I wasnt making an argument, I was stating an opinion. In fact said I think both consoles should get the PS3 updates and then some. The only one that fails at making an argument is you "Hurr if you want it so bad buy a playstation 3" I am probably 8 years your junior, and even if I did work for a living, I wouldnt be possibly stupid enough to waste that much money for something so trivial. So learn to read, stop stating things I never said in my first post, and for the love of god grow up. Your arguing with a 15 year old about Castle Crashers. And your losing ROFLMAO
  8. Wrong. The weapon at the beginning of the Industrial castle in the bushes is the Claymore (AKA Half sword). Claymore http://castlecrashers.wikia.com/wiki/Half_Sword Rubber handled http://castlecrashers.wikia.com/wiki/Rubber-Handle_Sword
  9. If you already own it I don't see the point in buying it again. Nothing new screams BUY ME TOO. List of differences. http://forums.thebehemoth.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=11137
  10. A good place to learn air juggling would be the troll boss that spits out little trolls. Try equipping a weapon that has a high negative strength modifier (unicorn horn/black morning star) so you can hit them more times and you don't run out of trolls to juggle by killing them. You may also have to do this on insane mode depending on your level. Consequently, this is also a good way to grind exp.
  11. Patience is a virtue. I have confidence The Behemoth will patch the XBOX version to contain the new content (so far the only confirmed new content is a few weapons) and fixes (256 hack/glitch, and boomerang exp glitches). It took them 2 years to bring the game itself to PS3, you can wait a little bit for a patch/DLC.
  12. I believe he means The Keep http://forums.thebehemoth.com/viewforum.php?f=20 Description says "Arrange to play, trade, etc, etc"
  13. Leveling past 40 will realllllllllly help.
  14. Play against the barbarian boss on normal mode, having a character with high magic makes this fight last about 5 seconds (a red knight with max magic at level 22 will kill the barbarian in about 2 seconds). You get about 120g per kill. Yes, I know killing that boss 30 times for one weapon doesn't sound very fun. My suggestion is to start a new solo game and don't spend any money with the new character except on potions and sandwiches. By the time you beat the game with this character you should have around 2500+g and you will unlock insane mode. Now purchase one of the items. Rinse and repeat (you need to beat the game at least 13 times to unlock all characters).