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  1. I wrote my thesis for my PhD based on the molecular physics behind the Orange Knight's fire attack.
  2. what about it Castle Crashers is the #1 game under best sellers.
  3. That's not true. Worms Armageddon is a $15 downloadable title and has a platinum trophy. Behemoth just probably thought that Castle Crashers didn't warrant one (meaning that they inserted all the trophies they thought were necessary).
  4. Give them another two years
  5. They had a very cool art design on all their propaganda, that's for sure.
  6. I would give it another 2 weeks or so. Patience my friend.
  7. I'm a tad bit surprised Behemoth made that trip. Lucky for your friend = ]
  8. GJD21


    I would say buying a $300 console is for one game is a pretty big deal to some people. But if you're really dedicated I suppose it's worth every penny.
  9. GJD21

    Quick Question

    The weapons in the Insane Mode Store won't help you much, and are insanely overpriced (~3600 for the chainsaw). Each of them have a fairly high critical chance though. Check my Youtube video (I made video before I figured out about the King, btw)-
  10. I believe the OP has just been owned by Sushi Gummi.
  11. Looks promising, I just hope they don't go for an action game instead of a survival horror like RE5 did.
  12. I personally had the most trouble with desert, just b/c of how much darn health those bugs have. I was stuck at it for probably about a week, but finally managed to finish it a few days ago and breeze through the rest of Insane. What about for you guys?
  13. I've never been a fan of FF, but I know it has a huge following so it would make sense for it to be accompanied by a level pack.
  14. There has been speculation that it contains the lollipop and their is some sort of secret method to opening him. No discoveries as of right now though.
  15. I've been wondering whether or not weapons and/or pets that provide stat benefits will increase one's stats past the usual maximum (e.g. My agility is maxed out and I'm using the skeleton mace which gives +6 agility). I've had different people provide me with several different answers, so I was wondering if any of you could help.