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  1. That would be good, but if someone really has to leave, I don't think that would be really fair. I think the best thing to do is if a person leaves 2 games in day they get a punishment for 2 losses but if they leave only 1 game their should be no wins or loses given.
  2. It looks good, you so do it for the lolz if you like art
  3. I would get Super Amazing Wagon Adventure its only 80 points in the indie part. Here is a link to a video if you are interested
  4. Jerry the one and only Catman and the only one to be the Batman because cats purr

    1. Cat Guard

      Cat Guard

      Meow! I am a cat see?

  5. That is awesome, you should put some on eBay and the highest bidder whens and give the money to Charity or some thing like that. Just an idea, keep up the good work.
  6. All time 1) The old Roblox 2) Minecraft 3) Kirby
  7. I have been thinking of DLC for Battle Block Theater. Like if the SS Friendship sails to a land to save hatty or some other crazy adventure, or if the tale of hatty and that guy is at is end. What kind of DLC are you wanting or are you even expecting any?
  8. the levels look cool but does this have a prisoner for completing the levels?
  9. I saw it and did think of it as some thing to be added. Even if Behemoth didn't plan it as DLC or some thing it would be cool if they looked in to adding levels their, maybe levels with lots and lots of cats.
  10. Circle : Viking Square : The one with a Top hat(not the very fancy one) Triangle : Triangle king. Cylinder : Ninja Cylingder Star : Chicken head
  11. I think if the heads get made for figures they would just do the default ones now all of the "favorite" ones that they "think" people will buy.
  12. I do not think so it would seem very odd if it did, thought some heads are very large. If i were you i would use any head not just the smallest because it does not seem to make a difference when i play, if any testing proves that hit boxes match with the heads i think it would mess up a lot of things and heads with get unused. so my guess is no
  13. I will trade anything (But another star head) for the Castle Crashers or the alien hominid head. Name your price for gems
  14. An idea to add on to this is their is one rock to make the basket able to get. So you would fight for the ball and the rock at the same time
  15. Maybe if you add them as a decal to overlay the blocks it would be able to be in the level editor. Hope this will happen but i think not
  16. I beat all the levels, but not all the encores i will try that i guess
  17. I bet the game but i didn't get a silver trophy, i thought trophys were just for insane, o well. But i do not like i had the bug with the last level already done.
  18. I don't see the point with having a picture on some thing you never look at
  19. GT: Yoda9801 i will most likely have a viking helm or top hat on
  20. I am playing more of the gamemode now, hope i see you on.
  21. I like the Viking helmet the best and the heads with the top hats