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  1. Isn't tha point of golden hats to kill for it? I won't in story, but in arena? If tha other team has it I'm coming for it guns blazing! Its an extra mini game inside tha match! Y not win both?
  2. that was cool of u to give us all a mother's day gift, thanks!
  3. I wanna make a boss that is a mango, and u get to the end of the level n ur all like "mmm a mango delicious!" Then u eat it but its spoiled rotten so now u have gas and ur like "haha I farted lawl" but behold a lil poot poot came out n ur all like "oh no...... mud butt!" N then its a race against the clock to get to a toilet before u end up like fur bottom. Mango always wins. even if u make it to a toilet, everyone with mud butt knows the adventure really just began. U also always a+ but only if u get it all wen u wipe.
  4. didnt furbottom make the cats perform in the show at first? he was a good guy, cats didnt start abducting ppl until furbottom died.
  5. i woulda made a boss where ur nosy girlfriend is all like "stop haning around hatty n show me some attention for a change" meanwhile u jus watched les miserables and the notebooks 50 times last week n u jus want some bro time on the high seas but shes all like" wat r u cheating on me im comin too" n u say no but she sneaks on the boat n so now ur on the island n gotta save hatty but at the end of every chapter she runs up on u n is like"o baby that was a scary shipwreck im so lonely hold me" n she chases u to try n giv u a hug but ur all like "no hatty is in trouble i gotta save him" n shes like" hatty this hatty that y dont u jus marry him haha jk u hav that option nowadays jk gimme a hug i missed u" n u hav to escape before she gives u cooties. u touch a cell phone at the end instead of a key n tell her "janine is on the phone n wants to tell u about that thing that happened to her today at the office with that creep bill" n then u escape.
  6. please dont take offense to my dickish post, it was meant as funny sarcasm. Im a fan and respect ur work a lot, so i wouldnt wanna offend. While i do feel its an imperfect solution i kno that theres nothin u can do and im not puttin it on u or anyone else on tha team, i figured u guys had ur reasons. Im just a sarcastic guy n was makin a sarcastic comment, no offense intended
  7. not a bad idea bro, thats why we post in these forums thanks!
  8. sure, great idea, let me host n then wait 25 minutes for 3 players to join my challenge mode... o wait, 1 person joined after 15, yay! o man, he left after 5... but someone else joined! let me invite that other guy back... o guess hes ignoring me... oh while i was sendin invites that other dude left... ok screw it quick match... wow my team is losin 7-0, ok yes looks like we win this rou- oops, host quit not bein a dick, just hopin u guys can come up with a solution for this problem... unfair to disable ability of host to quit if he legit has to leave, but unfair to everyone else when a host rage quits actually, im sure u guys thought of this wen makin this game... guess theres no real solution to the problem? or maybe it would cause too many connection problems to migrate host?
  9. I love ball game, but I don't want to play it 5 times in a row lol. I alsodon't want to get strawberries instead of gems. So while I could create my own playlist with some variety wen I get bored of a game type, I would not get any currency to finish my head collection. I have to say I agree with tc. online could use a little work and the idea of quick ranked is good... while the idea of receiving gems wen losers disconnect is an even better idea(I hate jumping into a game where my team is losing, only to come back to win, only to have the loser disconnect for some dumb reason, like rank is rly that important D:)  of course i love this game and the work behemoth does and will continue support them as much as i can
  10. its probably really stressful on the system to keep track of so many small things, tho it would be cool. it does suck about the level editor, but if u do a little at a time, save and come back, eventually u should hav somethin great personally i wish playlists would consist of more than 3 levels, those are way too short as it is i think it should be obvious that nothin created will ever be perfect, but that doesnt mean it cant be perfect for u while it is very important to let the creators kno what exactly u liked/disliked in the product in a clear and polite way so they can flip thru the criticisms to see what needs to be addressed, its also important to kno there are always reasons behind every decision, usually made for the better of all over a few. overall i love this game, the 2 previous games, n the developers style overall. especially dan p's art style.... so perfect, vibrant, colorful, simple, it really is awesome. anyway, good convo!
  11. i noticed it. i chose not to say anythin. YOLO
  12. One of my buddies on live has this... Ima pick it up thru ggame fly wen I'm done with portal 2(second time going thru.... that game is great:D)