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  1. Online is not flawless, and it's not just because the servers are "full" since some people experience the "game no longer available" bug 100% of the time when trying to host matches or join private games. I would hope a mod wouldn't come around and lock this before someone actually provided some actual helpful info instead of "u got no problemz dude!" To the original poster: there's a thread in the Technical Issues section of this forum called PSN Connectivity Issues/Problems or something like that where the developers are collecting information that will hopefully help them patch this error in the game. This thread will be locked and probably moved, but you should at least go to that other thread and post a detailed description of your problem. Hope this helps.
  2. Forwarded my ports (except for one that couldn't be forwarded—see the NAT thread) and no dice. Tried connecting via wired connection and no dice. My router doesn't appear to have a uPnP setting, so no dice. Also put the PS3 in the DMZ and no dice. No one can join my games, whether via invite or not. I also can't join any of my friends' private games via invite. Since there are other "known" issues with this game, like the treasure-grab background music, I'm hoping this connection snafu can be cleared up in the same patch soon.
  3. Trying to forward UDP 3658 for PSN returns the error: "One or more of the requested ports is already allocated for system use" from my router. Ideas? I can test without forwarding this one, but the fact that it has a huge bolded PSN in front of it makes me think it might be important.
  4. I advise you play from Medusa's lair again and be thankful you can play online at all.
  5. I was kind of wondering along the same lines... I took it for granted that my router could "play nice" with others since I can play every single other online game with friends and strangers at any time. If only one of the hundred or so online games that I've played in the last two years has faulty online, and many other people are reporting the exact same problem, the problem isn't that I have a broken connection. The main problem that needs to be fixed is the hosting/invite problems. With that fixed, most people will be satisfied. Heck, a lot of people seem to be able to play Quick/Custom games anyway, and still hosting/invites don't work for them.
  6. Alien's weapon appears in the weapons frog for my other characters, so if this is a glitch it's one that behaves inconsistently.
  7. 1. Unable to join a PSN friend's private game via the sent invite, both through the in-game invite finding system and through the PS3's XMB message system "join" button. 2. Friends unable to join my private games via any sent invite through both of the aforementioned means. In both cases, the message is always "Game is no longer available." 3. No one (friends and non-friends alike) able to join my public created games (my friends reported that I didn't show up in custom searches and no random users joined my created game). 4. I am also unable to join most other games through the custom search (the search will usually show 3-4 games/rooms, but trying to join results in a "Game is no longer available" error 90% of the time). PS3 model: Fat 80GB, not original run (i.e. not backwards compatible), with the HDD swapped out for a 500GB Connection Type: DSL Connection Speed: 3Mbps down, ~350kbps up uPnP: Not Available Router: Wireless / Siemens Speedstream 6520 provided through ISP ISP: tested Bell Aliant and Rogers (i.e. same problems with the same ISP as friends and with a different ISP from friends) NAT Type: Type 2 Location: Nova Scotia, Canada (also tested from New Brunswick, Canada) My brother (who I tested this with) isn't at the forum. His information is mostly the same as mine except he's using an 80GB slim model PS3.
  8. That's what I was looking for, Kelly. You're a champ, thanks!
  9. I've seen this happen several times, and it was simply because the player was too low level to have the weapon equipped. He obviously couldn't drop it, because the game wouldn't let the weapon load in his hand. If you're saying the character he was currently using was level 30+, then that's unusual.
  10. Another update on this front. I was at my parents' house for the long weekend and tried to get into some matches with my brother and friend again, and encountered the same problems. Games don't exist, invite system doesn't work, custom search doesn't work, etc. My parents also have a NAT 2 connection, though they're in a different province and have a different ISP (Rogers). There's definitely something bigger going on. All the people who are standing up to "defend" the Behemoth here I think may be missing the point. CC is a great game, Behemoth is a great developer, etc. etc. yes, it's true, but the fact is that the game does have these issues, and they do need to be fixed, and they shouldn't have existed in the first place (it doesn't matter how small they are--if it was only one guy, that doesn't mean he could release a scrap of unfinished code and have it defended as an admirable game). This is what the testing phase is for, and this is what the 2-year trial run on the other system was for. The code/bug/problem may not be the same, but the devs should at least know their way around the thin ice of network problems by now. (I'm confident they do, and that a patch is coming out that will make this wonderful single-player game playable sometime soon, but it would at least be nice to see any kind of confirmation from the Behemoth, either here or on the devblog or a statement from someone at PAX or anything really to let the fans know that they're aware of the problem and they're working on making it so the people who paid them $15 for their game will soon be able to play it.)
  11. I've noticed this, too. I wonder if there's some kind of region flag somewhere. However, I do have a couple other friends here in Halifax who have been able to connect to and play in online games, so it can't just be a nationwide blackout. Alas, that would be too simple.
  12. It's been a few days. One assumes they're looking into it, but then again, like you said, we haven't heard anything. It would be pretty cool if they said "we'll have a patch out to fix this known problem ASAP." I don't think we should all go crazy and assume no one here knows how long it takes to work on a game. Some of us do indeed. They created the game, so they know how it works. They've also fixed this same problem once already, so they should have at least a good idea of how to approach fixing it even on different architecture. Honestly, if the official response for why an online multiplayer game has no online multiplayer is "c'mon guyz, we love Behemoth, be patient for a few months", then people aren't too far out of line talking ripoff talk.
  13. I'm not about to start my whole "PS3 obviously doesn't have an unfair advantage with Castle Crashers" argument, but you're pretty much requesting that The Behemoth doesn't add something the original Castle Crashers has just because this version has more. I really don't get how people can support giving others less just because they can't have something themselves. This. Consider my mind similarly boggled. Anyway, multi-ID local login isn't a huge issue for me since everyone I plan to play with once the online gets fixed lives pretty far away, but for the principle of the thing, consider me signed.
  14. Uh, hold your horses cowboy. I'm glad to hear your problem has resolved itself. I just tested again with my brother and we're still having the same issues.
  15. I know there are at least 10k people on the leaderboards right now, since my brother's level 1 orange knight with 72 experience is around the 9800 mark.