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  1. I did not like the single player playlist either. The spikes were a major annoyance and while "block art" is pretty to look at it does not always play well. The co-op map was better.
  2. qbicfeet

    Give Us A Sign

    I just hammer LT until they get annoyed and either leave the Gift Shop or kick me. When I'm just idling and waiting for the rest to complete their trades I duck and hit LT in sync with the music
  3. qbicfeet

    Achievements Glitchy. Update?

    Are you looking at your "trades completed" stat? You have to trade with 10 unique players, so if you've completed multiple trades with the same person it won't count twice. I had the same problem earlier today and was a little confused but solved it by joining some multiplayer games and doing two or three more trades
  4. Just finish all the normal levels + the finale. A++ is not required
  5. The preview for Kitty Town is very sweet and the Donut head looks great! Looking forward to giving this one a go later this evening. Hopefully I'll find a good partner and complete the co-op course too!
  6. qbicfeet

    What Rank Are You?

    I'm currently somewhere in the lower 100:s/upper 200:s on the gems leaderboards. I've attained an A++ rank on every single player Normal and Insane adventure mode level (even the encores!) and played my fair share of multiplayer arena. Next up is the co-op campaign.
  7. qbicfeet

    Great Game But...

    This is really a problem with the Xbox system itself. It doesn't calibrate joystick center at boot time, like most consoles in my experience do. The fallout is that as your joysticks age, they drift, and you get the kinds of problems you describe. My old 360 controller is now hooked up to the PC because of this. There, center position can be calibrated, so the pad remains useful. On the Xbox, it's too far off center now to be viable. Yeah, it's definitely a problem on Microsoft's half - but since BBT doesn't seem to take advantage of the analogue sticks with "analogue movement" (you either move or you don't; there's no inbetween) I think the deadzone could be made just a little looser without impacting gameplay for anyone.
  8. Thanks for the heads-up. I had no idea the level editor worked like this and it would have been heartbreaking to lose a playlist forever just because you upload it. I will make sure to remember this. Though, I must ask - why? I think most people would assume that free editing and ability to re-upload a playlist is possible. Were there any technical difficulties? Was it a demand from Microsoft?
  9. I'd like to see a way to filter out co-operative game modes (campaign and user levels) from Quick Play. Currently I'm only interested in the Arena game modes, so ending up in a co-op game with a stranger and having me immediately leave is moderately annoying for me and heartbreaking for him/her
  10. qbicfeet

    Great Game But...

    I might as well hijack this thread and share some feedback of mine. Don't misinterpret this post - I am absolutely in love with this game - but I have a few small gripes with the game: + The transition time between levels is kind lengthy and feels like a waste of time. I would have liked a way to skip the "stamp"-animation after every completed. + Similar issue: dying in finale and encore levels on Insane is VERY annoying. You have to sit through a 10-second-ish animation and (if it's an encore) hammer Y to reset the level. Why was the regular, quick reset animation not used? Was this an oversight? + Where are the finale decorations in the level editor!? I want to decorate the stage with all those wacky signs and background decorations from the campaign! Also, the left analogue stick deadzone is very tight. I sent a support ticket regarding this, but in short, some Xbox 360 controllers don't always revert to the absolute center and can sometimes get stuck in a *slightly* upward/downward/left/right angle. This is the case of both of my Xbox 360 controllers. Usually, this is not a problem, but for games like BBT that have a very small deadzone it can lead to some annoying consequences. For example, if I duck and release the stick, my character does not stop ducking until I push it in any other direction and if I move the selector down one step in a menu or the level editor, the selector does not respond to additional "down taps" until I tilt the stick in a different direction (see this thread on a separate game for more info - it's the very same problem I am having (and sadly, after doing some googling this controller issue doesn't seem to be *that* rare)). So my question is - is there any chance the deadzone could be relaxed just a liiiittleeee with future title updates?
  11. qbicfeet

    What's Your Favorite Head So Far?

    My three favorite heads are the "Monopoly Man" (circle), the TV head (square) and the [*,*] and ಠ_ಠ faces (cylinder).
  12. qbicfeet

    Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

    Sorry to hear that. We started the post restriction because we were getting adbots spamming the forums every few hours. Hopefully we'll be able to find another way to repel them in the future. I'm assuming you are using IP.Board - if so, you should tell the administrators to give http://areyouahuman.com/ a try. It's free, and it's much more effective than regular captchas. Less hostile to new members, too! I administrate a forum using this solution and we have not had any problems with spambots since we started using it.
  13. qbicfeet

    Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

    Hello! I am posting in this thread just so I can get rid of this stupid approval restriction... I understand *why* it's done, but it makes me as a new member not feel welcome. Anyway, my GT is "qbicfeet", I joined because I got BattleBlock Theater and hopefully I will be publishing some BBT playlists in the future!
  14. Nice find. Since it's a crown and The Behemoth has said that there are no leaderboard-based star heads, I suspect that it will be some sort of reward for getting your playlist featured in Furbottom's Features.