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  1. Sooo I have AHHD and CC and I've even updated em to make sure, but it isn't giving me their feature heads :[ I currently have the CC knight head because of a buddy giving me his. Otherwise, I have all the rectangle and triangle heads. I'm excited!!
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    I was wondering if in the credits it says justin timberlake justin beiber and justin time if this was a joke
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    GamerTag/Username Origins?

    I used to use 'LordChaos' 'internalROBOT' but decided that I was tired of hearing people question why when I'd give my GT out at gaming shows and events, so I made it my name. I like the google movement of integrating everything through your name, so I use Addor, or Davii Addor everywhere.
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    Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

    I'm David but everyone calls me Davii. The user name here is my GT for xbl. I'm addicted to BBT. Currently working on insane and a playlist for the online
  5. Those shiny green sparkly things

  6. I just started Insanse last night. I won't continue on til I A++ the level, I just finished 2-9. I had someone with the Gold Trophy politely message me on xbox telling me how they got it, so I decided to pursue.