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  1. Don't know what you guys are talking about, but she sent me a pm. Se probably way busy so just give it time.
  2. Ya my system has been dumb lately, and wasn't sending notifications that people were responding to the thread! What about those that don't have online play anymore... As in I moved, and don't have internet, for gaming at the moment, but I beat it on insane last month or something. I agree with the others saying they are just gonna send a request for where you live I guess, and then you will get it! This game still is one of my favorite games I've played (whether it was on the PS3 or 360)!
  3. Finally beat it on Insane with the Killer BeeKeeper! All I can say is the level "Full Moon" can be a pain in the butt!! Even with 4 people it's still hard! ... JTvDb5.jpg Sorry for the pic, can't seem to get it to show the solid gold, instead of a bright one! I'll try to update it! This one is a little better! ... VKMwMk.jpg So I guess if you're doing the whole thing of beating it on normal and insane, you can remove my normal from the thief! Got insane with the Killer BeeKeeper! My PSN ID is the same as the offline profile on my PS3. I just added the paper showing my forum name as proof!
  4. Sony themselves need to add a feature where you are able to take your profile (PSN ID) with you! I mean I don't always ModNation at my house on my system! If Microsoft could go ahead with making it work through USB Drives, then why can't Sony do something similar? Because seriously, it would be a whole lot better!
  5. I thought I added my PSN ID: DavGerm4 to the post, but if I didn't that's what my ID is. And I did beat it with the thief first. So gamertag is DavGerm4, it's actually the only ID on my system. This was my first post: Then found out that it was already taken, so posted this about the thief:
  6. They should just give it for the Insane, cause there is just 2 things that they add to what you would have gotten if beaten on normal.
  7. Dude I don't even know why it's all of a sudden a lot more fun... All I know is I've been hooked to it since it's release! There isn't anything new that the PS3 did over the 360 anyway.
  8. Whenever games that come out for PC/PS3/360, it seems that they always say that the PS3 one isn't that great.. I dunno, at that time couple years ago, I think no one really cared for the PS3. But I love the system, and Castle Crashers is more fun then it ever was when I first bought it on the 360!
  9. Wait confusion... Sucks to be me? Or was I the first to post for the Thief?
  10. Ok, I'm pretty sure that the Thief was not beaten yet! So just beat it using the Thief: ... 9Dwy9V.jpg Hopefully that one works!
  11. I figured I missed it somewhere, so playing right now as a different character! Hopefully he's still not used up yet!
  12. PSN ID: DavGerm4 Beat it with Red Knight recently (Green was my first, but already taken). Here's the Proof: ... WwhUrA.jpg
  13. Yup that's basically how I saw it. Just sarcasm... But if it does happen, will be funny if people start calling it that. I don't like glitches like that though, just ruins the fun.
  14. Dude, I'm just glad to play it again! I mean, I don't play Xbox 360 much anymore, so I bought this when it came out on PS3, and I'm hooked to it, just like I was when it first came out on the 360! Amazing Game Behemoth!!!
  15. Ya there are definitely more weapons! I got the 2x4 or whatever. It was in a shop on Insane Mode.