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  1. Though I'm not sure why anyone would report my playlist, this is probably what occurred. Thanks for the response!
  2. That would make sense, thank you for your response!
  3. A couple days ago, I uploaded a playlist to the community theater. Today I started up Battleblock Theater and, before playing, decided to check on how my playlist was being rated. To my surprise, my playlist was nowhere to be found and seems to have been deleted. It was in my favorites and was high on the list of new solo playlists yet is now on none of these lists. I posted about this in another thread but I figured it would be more appropriate and would get more immediate attention here. Link to said thread: Anyway, I haven't heard of this issue before so I just thought I'd post it here. Thanks in advance.
  4. So I went to check on my playlist's rating today and it seems to have been deleted? It's not in my favorites or in the new user-created playlist section anymore despite being there last night. I'm curious if anyone knows anything about this happening and could maybe lend some insight to me on the issue? I have a backup of my levels so I can re-upload them if need be but I'd like to get word on why this might have happened before I do so. Thanks!
  5. Playlist Name: The Funhouse v1 Gamertag: Doc Status Playlist Type: Solo Adventure This playlist has been under construction since the day the game was released, and I hope that some of you will enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it. I went back and made changes many times over the course of its creation and I’m finally ready to release it to the public. My goal was to make the levels fair, straightforward, and nice to look at. I tried my best to make things challenging but also fair, as I did not want luck to play a large part in the passing of obstacles. Some Notes: -All levels are possible to beat with A++ on both normal and insane -You do not need weapons/tools to beat any obstacle or get any gem (though they may help) -The encore levels contain just 3 gems each, so make sure not to miss any! I am very eager to hear what the community thinks about my playlist and would love as much feedback as I can get. This is my first attempt at creating something in ANY game so I acknowledge that it may have issues and welcome you to post any criticisms you have with it. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask as I will be checking this topic actively. Thanks all, hope you enjoy!
  6. Really enjoyed the solo playlist, it was much more challenging than the last and had a lot of things I hadn't seen often or even at all before. The use of alternate paths was done really well and I loved how challenging the last 2 encore levels were. Took me a few tries to finally beat the last one but it was very rewarding when I completed it. Co-op was fun too, but I will say that the creator reused obstacles too much for my liking. The "plinko" like obstacle with the shifting blocks and the grenades was frustrating because sometimes the shifting blocks would move in a way that prevented you from moving on in the level. I just don't think a frustrating obstacle like that should be used in three different levels. Another obstacle that was overused, though easy to beat, was the alternating clouds and lava blocks. All in all I enjoyed both, but I thought the co-op could have used some more variety.
  7. The solo playlist was well done, but very easy. There wasn't any level or puzzle where I felt challenged or even felt like I had a chance of dying. That being said, a playlist doesn't have to be hard to be good and I still enjoyed playing through it on both normal and insane. The co-op, on the other hand, was much more of a challenge. This kind of difficulty was nice to see after playing through the solo feature. However, it felt like a lot of the obstacles were reused over and over and it didn't feel very "original". I know it's hard to be original with so many things already being done, but this was the first feature I played that felt this way. Anyway, thanks to both of the individuals who created these playlists and to the Behemoth staff for giving us an opportunity to earn another prisoner! I'll be looking forward to the next set.
  8. I don't understand why this playlist is getting so much hate. The only thing that annoyed me was the secret level blocking that was in the way of the exit. Other than that, the playlist was full of creative obstacles and interesting block art. The hidden spikes were a bit annoying, but once you saw them once it was a good indication to look out for them in the future. I played through the whole playlist on insane and it took me under an hour. There was also no point in any of the maps where I had to restart. The obstacles worked fine and some of them were interesting puzzles that I hadn't seen before. I just think it's sad that someone can put this much time into making an awesome playlist only to get put down by a bunch of you because you landed on some spikes.
  9. I enjoy encores because they are a nice change of pace from the other levels. The second encore level on Chapter 8 is the toughest for me. I have every level done with A++ on insane mode except this one and it's killing me. Getting to the end of that level with the homing rockets and dying is the most rage inducing thing I've come across in this game. For the third encore in chapter 8 I held up on my right analog stick so I could see a bit more of the screen and it helped a lot. Only took me a couple tries to get an A++ on insane once I did that.
  10. I ran into this problem as well. I hosted the game and got the head but my friend did not.
  11. I was wondering this as well. Was well on my way to getting A++ on all the solo levels and could not figure out how to bypass the secret level block. I'm sure there is a way, but I couldn't figure it out. Was thinking you could use a boomerang to get the gem and then just finish on the secret level, but I'm not sure if that would give you the A++ or not. As for the solo playlist, I thought it was extremely well done and really enjoyed it (even with all the hidden spikes). As someone who is currently working on a playlist, I have to respect how well done each and every level was. Though I would have liked for the encore levels to be a bit more challenging. I'll be trying out the Co-op playlist later, hope it's just as good as the solo one was!