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  1. If anyone is interested Galactic Civilization 1 is free.
  2. I kinda thought doing a thread like this before because of how annoying it is to miss out on a good deal or a free game when they are offered and it seems like there isn't really a specific topic for them. So this thread is here to announce any games that are free for a limited time or an amazing deal on a popular game that some people might be interested in. Considering Humble Bundle are now giving away games somewhat often (e.g. Dirt and now X-com: UFO Defense) I feel as though this thread could be useful when it does happen. Note: It doesn't have to on the Humble Bundle but please try to keep it on reliable websites, please no fishy websites that could harm computers. And no websites that require to participate in surveys otherwise this thread will be spammed with them due to the amount of them. You don't need to necessarily go hunting for them but if you spy one post below. X-COM: UFO Defense:
  3. Don't know where to post this (probably should make a thread at some point) but considering I posted the last one here, if anyone wants to try out the original Xcom UFO Defense then its free on the Humble Bundle
  4. I'm trying to 100% Phantom Pain, nearly got S rank on all missions just 1 more to go and then the missions tasks should be easy enough. As well as Overwatch and some other games here and there such as Punch Club.
  5. You said I couldn't 'draw' The White Album.....So I drew the Black Album instead (Well grey)
  6. I'm worse haven't even finished off the 2 Telltale games that I bought 1 and a half ago (Walking Dead Season 1 and Wolf Among Us)
  7. If anyone is interested in the Batman Tell Tale Series then episode 1 is free for a limited time.
  8. I'm actually getting into this For those who did see this post I think it was obvious what Pokemon I was gonna draw. A bit out of proportion but oh well. However when I was a kid the only Pokemon that I could draw was a Voltorb... so I drew that as well.
  9. Has anyone else just noticed the community reputation has a status relating to it. Mine is "Evolving"....what am I a Pokemon. I wish
  10. Are they the official specs that were released or is it just speculation? I might buy this, it looks like what the Wii-U should've been. It also looks as if Nintendo have said to themselves "hey why don't we put more than Nintendo games on this". Its a pity it's not coming out this year (about Christmas time) because it would've sold just like the Wii did. It looks like an amazing product though now let's see if it actually works, if it's anything like newer games being released then we should all pray.
  11. So this is my first time ever I have given any art to The Behemoth Forums. Admittedly I don't draw but I have always wanted to, and this is a pretty cool idea so I guess I'm starting now . Here is a badly drawn toad (head too small) trying to become wizard. I was trying to get the cloak to fall down its back and crumple at the bottom but I am too new to try it. And I wanted to keep the shape of the Toad so I kept its back showing through the hat.
  12. Yeah but its like 3000 gold for a legendary skin which unless you have unlocked a fair bit of the stuff you are not gonna get by leveling up. And I am at the back end nearing 100 so it takes me a little bit longer those who are at a lower level or have got to 100 and started again.