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  1. I had the same question but as it turns out that's the intended behaviour This is the original reply by BehemothRyan on the subject.
  2. You can also test your playlists hosting a private match with any couch-unavailable friends you have on xbox live! That is of course without uploading your playlist first. This is the most practical solution to thoroughly test levels if your friends don't live nearby in my opinion, and as some already did I plan on asking here in the forums for anyone who'd care to participate in a test session as soon as my playlist is finished (9 levels down, 6 to go...)
  3. Here's a guess from reading of similarly disappeared playlists in other threads: it could be that someone, intentionally or by mistake, flagged your playlist as inappropriate. If I recall correctly, all flagged playlist are pre-emptively rendered inaccessible and must wait to be cleared by a moderator before going back to public status, usually in a day or two. I figure this could be the issue but please do not take any of my words as official as I may very well remember inaccurately or just be plain wrong about it
  4. I had the same question and posted it in Technical Issues thinking it was a glitch. Turns out it wasn't! This post by BehemothRyan, who kindly answered me at the time, should clear things up for you as well
  5. Thanks for the stream, you're all awesome You gave cool design tips too, so thanks for that as well
  6. Oh my what a glorious Friday! A super cool new prisoner with the Solo feature I liked the most so far. I already played it before and liked it a ton and I am really happy to see it featured, I think it stands out in a lot of ways. Can't wait to try the coop too, from what I've seen in the twitch stream it will be good as well. As always Kudos to the chosen designers and thanks for giving us cool levels to play with P.S. Solo feature's third encore has some bat-poop crazy jumps!
  7. It's under Editor -> Playlist Editor. Select the playlist that you want to delete, or that cointains the level that you want to delete, and from the playlist editor you can press X on the playlist title to delete the whole playlist or on a single level to delete that level Hope this helps!
  8. Thank you for the answer! Your strawberry jam should be on its way as promised Now I have some experiments to make *insert comically evil laughter here*
  9. That wouldn't qualify the playlist for anything other than arena anyway - besides, I wouldn't want to clutter the community with useless, testing playlists if I can help it I already know it works if I test it, I just would like to know if that could possibly cause problems after the upload, such as the playlist being filed under arena instead of adventure or any other erratic behaviour I can't predict. Sorry if I came out as too lazy to try it on my own - that isn't the case!
  10. Hi all, I noticed the editor lets me place multiple exits in a level and I thought "Wow, that could make for some cool twisted funtrocities!" but then I was wondering if that could somehow disqualify the levels from being a proper Story playlist once uploaded and - oh my! - even throw them in the pit of all the Adventures That Could Have Been But Never Were. Ok, fake drama apart, I guess I'm just asking if I can use more than one exit per level without any problems. It would also be great to know if any answer applies to challenge levels in adventures and/or challenge arena playlists! I got one jar of strawberry marmalade set aside for anyone that'll took the time to answer!
  11. Just tested. I didn't find it difficult, it can be slightly annoying if the lasers synch in the worst possible way but you can just time yourself with the bridge and pass from below, hence ignoring the laser on top. In my opinion you can safely use this in a level
  12. Really interesting! And challenging!! From the fourth level on things got pretty hard really quickly. I liked how you managed to put some brilliant and original obstacles in a neat design in levels so small. I wish I had your ability to manage spaces in my designs! I'll play it again (I didn't get to play the encores or the secret level yet) for sure! P.S. Would it be alright if I try to work with some of your ideas in my levels?
  13. I made a level and it took me and hour to finish it, and I died 100+ times on the last bit, almost deleted the game off my harddrive. Then I showed my mate and he beat it and got the time bonus (1:45). I'm so done... (also couldn't help but notice your pic, HoN FTW!) So true, sometimes my friend and trusted tester glides through some of my would-be hard sections and dies countless times over something I consider trivial. Difficulty can easily be relative. From your description of the pattern it doesn't seems like it's unfair so I wouldn't suggest you to remove that bit, perhaps save it for the pie or for one of the later acts, I don't know, it depends on the rest of your levels as well
  14. Actually you can choose colors and background! Try holding down LT while on the editor, there's plenty of columns with options to choose from