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  1. KoW Secret Level: A thing that I wanted to say, is the way which is used to finish all of the levels isn't the only way. Theres is multiple ways to do almost of the KoW Level. Sometime it's not true but well... EDIT: New HD Video Available !
  2. Hi ! Two for me: #1 Chapter Name: 30SEC LEFT Creator Gamertag: NameBasics Type: Adventure Good concept and good realisation. #2 Chapter Name: Mindbender & MindbenderPlus1 Creator Gamertag: KMKHunter Type: Adventure Cool chapter to do ! Thanks KMKHunter
  3. Hey ! For helping people to finish my chapter I make some Guide video where you can find the solution of the each level with a A++ rank ! Please check only this video if you are really stuck because the most interesting part is to find the solution alone ! But well, if you really need help check this link: WARNING SPOIL WARNING SPOIL WARNING SPOIL WARNING SPOIL WARNING SPOIL WARNING SPOIL KoW Level 1: KoW Level 2: Thanks !
  4. Dark Souls Four Kings The sensation that the game give to the player when he play is just awesome ! A sort of loneliness overwhelms you. It's quite strange and rare for a game. The only game which give me the same sensation was Kingdom under Fire: Circle of Doom. And when I must killed the Four Kings a thrill of fear came over me. Even if I completly destroy them but well, wonderful design and boss ! Thanks for the gameplay video because I have not seen that yet !
  5. Check all the doors for see if you have a letter for each and if you have found the secret level, re-do the level where you find it without going in the secret level. Or you just have a bug maybe. I don't remember but if you want the music go check the OST on Youtube. Maybe it's this song:
  6. Never played Diddy Kong, but Dead Space 2's hardest difficulty only lets you save 3 times throughout the whole game. That's when you messing up really screws you over. Dead Space 2 isn't hard at all think. You just need to know the game by heart and play safe until reach the CD 2, after you just can't failed. That was quite easy except one or two passages. Great game anyway !!
  7. I must say Im quite disappointed about the solo one. That adventure bring nothing new in terms of gameplay and it has little interest. Moreover, the creator should rename his map "Troll Land": this level is absolutly full of stupid traps that have the only purpose to make you restart and troll you. There is some good idea like houses, hatty, and mario but I don't take any pleasure in doing it. This level don't deserve it's Furbottom selection. Anyway, thanks Behemoth for the donut ! He's awesome !
  8. Thanks to you for testing and congratulations for finishing the three first doors ! The difficulty just begin with the door 4 (rock level), it's the first enigma ! And for the ''integration'' you mean like make one level of the first three doors ? For make one big level ? If that you are talking about, I think that can't be really possible cause of the difficulty first and because of the particular style I wanted to give to my level. Give me news & Thanks again !!!
  9. Aw heck yeah. That one's definitely a controller-thrower. Ya ^^ And it's an awesome game too !
  10. I think they talking about racist, violent or religious terms, etc... that you can't use in your levels titles.
  11. What's your GT, I will check out your level My Gamertag is Drago Nightmare, but go here before playing to my level: http://forums.thebehemoth.com/index.php?/topic/14800-adventure-playlist-koworld-i/ Thanks & Good luck ! EDIT: Oh I didn't see your post Dukeoflbanez, Thanks to you !