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  1. mutan36

    Pit People unlocks?

    I was wondering the same, official release and still no cross over character in CC :/
  2. mutan36

    Trouble finding players online ?

    Everytime I try to search for an online match it never finds anyone, I end up becoming the host and still no players join. Is anyone else having this problem?
  3. mutan36

    Custom Heads!

    Well i tried but its not the best :/
  4. Im thinking the very last playlist will be extremely difficult and you could only play it on insane mode then you get hatty
  5. mutan36

    Super Smash Bros. U/SSB3D

    I like how this started 2 years ago and is still going on.
  6. mutan36

    Custom Heads!

    Naruto heads FTW!
  7. mutan36

    Beat The Game...what Now!

    Try to beat me in capture the horse then rub a bannanna peel on your cheeks
  8. mutan36

    Don't Abandon Castle Crashers

    Their too busy with battleblock theater. Castle Crashers is popular but it's old and their at the next game. When CC was out they didnt do anything with Alien Hominid.
  9. mutan36

    No It's...10329...not 523...2 Thing...

    Not really that big of a deal, its a joke.
  10. So excited!! I hope we can play Capture the Horse, thats what I'm best at. (Number 4 on player match leader boards )
  11. mutan36

    Weapon Trading?

    I think the wooden mace/sword is if you have the Pink knight and Blacksmith DLC.
  12. When the lazer hits the alien thats the beginning of Alien Hominid.
  13. There is no golden whale character... yet! I would be the donut You sure?
  14. mutan36

    The Bear Thing

    Hes my signature ... He is the Honey Hug, someone wrote a story on how all the Behemoth games relate and Honey Hug is the god of the Behemoth world. You should defiantly read this: ... The Honey Hug only made like 3 appearances according to this he has a lot to do with the games.
  15. mutan36

    Share Your Minecraft Fan Art Here

    Its not anything professional but I decided to share this Hatty statue and my Cat Guard skin. Go ahead and post some MC fan art here. And I might make a BBT texture pack for MC, if you want it just say so.