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  1. Angerly, our hero helps up his old friend, and then realizes that Jake is dead along with two others, this makes our hero stare at the the scar on his chest and he realized something, immediately he riped off his glove and his own and he saw that they both had the mark of the original king's army crest, an army of gray, the first king, King Leo, the first gray knight. by the way before we go any further what color should our hero's armor be? I think it should be white exept for the + on his chest and the out line on his helmet like the normal castle crashers exept white.
  2. yeah i forgot about the kings magic which is pretty bad
  3. After the knight finished, the knight asks what happened to our hero's armor since its specked with blood and scared with many tears(not as bad as his but it sure does look bad) our hero explained to him about how he thinks that Woodstock saw through his ruse as a theif and he sent barbarians and that mysterious group of 5 to kill the hero. As he was saying this the small thief nodded his head and sayed,"Right to the very last details." Our hero then asked what the scared knight name is and he asked the same question to the small thief, the scared knight told them that his name is Jake Dunun, and then it was the thief's turn to answer, he told him with a sort of a twisted darkness in his eyes, "My name is Loki."
  4. the 2x4 is at the end of the game right, because the same thing has been happening to me.
  5. this is the second part to my cc magic forum, so who do you think has the worst magic. My least favorite magic is the skeleton's.
  6. Yeah i agree. Any way back to the story: So our trio continued into the castle asking where the king was, and yet all of the gray knights stared at them with shock and surprise. Finally they asked the right person a gray knight that had a long tear in his armor, and they are told that the king was attacked and killed by an ambush of thieves and barbarians. This surprised our trio except for the small thief, but he kept to himself.
  7. suddenly it hits you that kid is the son of the leader of the theives, woodstock, you remember that this kid helped you escape from the theives and a group of about five other people."Why did you save me?" you ask. "because i was tired of being a theif." he explained in a whimpering voice. "That doesn't matter right now, we have to tell the king what has happened." the gray knight ordered. So they left off to the king's castle.
  8. i think that my favorite is the open faced gray knight's arrow rain and dagger throw.
  9. which was to kill the leader of the theif gang, but for some reason you forget how you got there in the middle of the woods, and some how you know it has to do with the little theif.
  10. Which castle crasher character do you think has the best magic? part 1 of the my cc magic forum.
  11. Suddenly a group of barbarians jump up from behind a couple of trees, threatening you, the gray knight, and the small theif. The gray knight then emits a grayish steam and he then summons about thirty arrows killing the barbarians. you then start to remember who that is your old friend Johnny Stone.
  12. the punisher is my favorite comic book character but then again i hav'nt gotten a cb in a few years.
  13. Granted but a kid in a gang shoots you and robs you I wish that every one would be aloud to sleep in class.