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  1. Granted, but only because the arguments continue forever and can't be necrobumped.
  2. Banned because that point is invalid.
  3. 39. I came back after ~2 years to say this.
  4. BiPolarBear

    Game 4 - Xbox One

    Lol, I love the joke with the shirt. I'm looking at my PS4 thinking "Little Big Planet 3..." Then I look to my brother's room and remember his voice "You should have gotten an Xbone like meee..." Needless to say, I took both and got on a bus to Mexico.
  5. Steam message D: I didn't get one yet, but I was accepted. Why do they hate and discriminate against the Irish!?!
  6. Someone said before that we should try to add each other for the beta, so my account name is Epilepticgamer98. Y'all can just add me if you want, but just to let you know I'm probably gonna clear my friends list after the beta just so I don't get filled up with random people. Can't wait for the beta to start! Gonna refresh my email a couple hundred times for now.
  7. I'm not sure if someone already addressed this already, but in-game messages and chat. If someone doesn't have a mic, they'll still be able to easily communicate with the others in their lobby through the chat bar.
  8. When does the closed beta start? Tomorrow or next monday?
  9. Granted, but now whenever you play Flappy Bird, you will never lose, and you cannot stop! I wish that I would never get tired or need sleep.
  10. The 997th apparently died of a time paradox... The 996th monkey died from eating the 997th, because it was allergic to monkeys.
  11. I'll be sure to play it, I haven't seen many Muckle playlists lately.
  12. Nobody really claimed the gems on xbox, so... let's let this thread die.
  13. I think reskins of old weapons could be cool. Penguins as frog bombs, a bomb or TNT for the grenade, a leafblower for the fan, I think we could get creative. Plus I don't think we necessarily need new weapons, I've been playing since day 1 (day 2 technically), and I still go on and have fun.
  14. Mindreader... I saw this topic and said to myself "Those people need more Super Smash Bros. Melee in their life!" And how did you not get goosebumps when you first saw this? I remember being young and naive, thinking Sheik was a guy... I'm not sure what happened, but for some reason when I edited this post, it got rid of the quote, so...
  15. I had both Red and Blue version, and had Charmander and Squirtle accordingly. I also had Pokemon Yellow, and as far as I can remember, you had to use Pikachu, but I was young and may be wrong. I've played every single pokemon game except for Leaf Green up until Heartgold/Soulsilver. Then I just stopped because the pokemon started to get a bit cheesy in my eyes. I've even played both Pokemon Stadium games, Pokemon Snap, 3 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, both Pokemon Colosseum and XD, Pokemon Pinball, and finally the first 2 Pokemon Ranger games. I've also played all three current Super Smash Bros. games, of you count that. Now that I think of it, I even played the Gameboy version of the TCG, and used the E-Reader minigames. Sorry this turned into a complete list of Pokemon's influence on my childhood, but thinking back on it got me all nostalgic. I feel bad when I hear kids nowadays ask me what in the world a Caterpie is, or any of the original pokemon. Sorry about my rant, I'm gonna go hide in my room and contemplate my life now.
  16. Just got a golden shotgun w/ Chicken. I didn't actually do a loop though, I only went to Y.V.'s mansion and got murdered by Big Dog immediately after... On a side note, if you pick it up, I think Nuclear Throne could be a cool "Let's Play," Pocket.
  17. I would go back in time to give The Behemoth copies of Castle Crashers, AH, and Battleblock Theater so that by now they'd be on at least game 4 or 5.
  18. What if the last star head has already been secretly released, and it's literally the silhouette with the "?" inside?
  19. Hey, lately I've been playing the really cool Steam Early Access game, Nuclear Throne, and I was wondering if there was anyone else here who plays and enjoys it. Feel free to discuss strategies and secrets here, and have fun!
  20. Assuming your wish is to know the answer to the question, a pair of alien shoes appear to you in the night and tell you that the meaning of the universe is [TOO INCOMPREHENSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND WITH YOUR PUNY HUMAN MIND] but then some other aliens come and send you into a universe that only consists of a room with a moose because you know too much. If nobody understands any of the Invader Zim references in this post, I'm so sorry for your childhood/childish adulthood. I wish I knew who was the turkey all along...
  21. I just said "Single Player Story," so basically just what's in the regular solo story.