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  1. Trade, just be warned that very few people will be willing and those who are will probably ask for a lot.
  2. Place the 3 moveable blocks over the clouded bits and force him to go down that lower path.
  3. Just got A++ on every stage (encore included) on world 1 on insane and didn't get anything, so if you're looking for heads... prepare to do several worlds before getting anything.
  4. Why do I get the feeling this use to be my video =P
  5. I got the cat costume by beating the game.
  6. I just want to know who wrote the song "Buckle your belt". Anyone happen to know?
  7. One of the biggest perks to the game is the co op. When you have a psp version... this comes into play since most games are Ad Hoc which work so so. A lot of people I know near me may have a psp, but dont own the same games. The only problem with this idea is that, Castle Crashers is not the most amazing game ever. (no offence) Much like actors dont want to be typecasted, The Behemoth wants to make new games. So we can look at it one of two ways... The Behemoth can... A) Make Castle Crashers the next "Dragons Lair" which has 64... YES 64 ports. Make Castle Crashers a played out series, with countless additions which are more or less fancy DLC. or C) Make block theater, and try to make other stuff. Personally I like C, which is what their doing.
  8. Fixed that for ya. Also CC got my vote, so i was glad to help ^^;;
  9. Okay, common sense tells me that you didn't read my post thouroughly, or at the very least understand it. Yes, decal is another word for sticker and in this case the decal or sticker's use would most likely be to border the buttons on the arcade control panel. My post is one of pure speculation, even more so, one of hope. Hope that the Blacksmith will be the next DLC; be it unannounced, sheer surprise, or whatever. Furthermore, I don't know what the rest of you guys/gals are seeing, (king?) but what I can see and see clearly is the same 5 decal sheets strewn randomly upon one another. And on those sheets I see the head of a Knight. And then maybe the torsos? The only difference that I see is the color of the decal sheets; blue, green, orange,red and purple. They almost look like paper this and this Maybe im missing it but all I see is this... which is what I was talking about.
  10. Please use some common sense =\, their the stickers (at least thats what I think were talking about) used on the figure boxes. The purple is for the "King".
  11. I enjoy how its Xbox based, not multi platform lol. Some details and things work differently PSN side XD
  12. Alien Hominid released on the Xbox, too. The reason Alien Hominid isn't on the PS3, if I remember correctly, is because The Behemoth lacks the spare time and money to do it at the moment. And, like Basilisk said, it's hardly worth paying $10 just for a new Castle Crashers character. I'd give up the Alien character in PS3 Castle Crashers any day in exchange for Alien Hominid HD. If my guessing is correct, even The Behemoth doesn't know at this point whether or not the Pink Knight will cost money on the 360 version. They might not even have a choice about it. Of course, I'm not completely sure, so don't take my word for it. Either way, it's $2, and it's for charity, would it really be that big of a deal to have to pay it? Nah, it's not that. I'm just not a big fan of hidden content to not be released or released at a later date for a price. More so hidden content that is never unlocked tho. Like the Rubber Handle Sword and the 2x4 for the PS3 atm. The 2x4 is "unlocked" its where you fight for the orange princess... it just poofs (or at least did) Alien Hominid HD, is not on the PSN. It would be outrageous to flat out DENY PSN users that, because its not possible for us to have it. It's on the file, and it would be stupid to say that. If I remember correctly the Necromancer, and the King were going to be free DLC. I don't follow TB that closely, I just recall hearing that a few times. It would be unfair for PSN users to get the game 1 year + later, without the DLC. Now lets actually talk about the dlc added PSN side... Weapons are NOT as good, some things have ok stats and are a higher level. We had to buy the items in game, this will cause less active players to never get them. All DLC characters were unlocked via "Insane" mode. Industrial castle gets you the necromancer, that is one of the more "annoying" levels. This will cause a lot of average or lower gamers to never get him. The pet orbs ARE required for the achievement/trophy, and they cost a LOT of cash. We didnt get the lollipop without the pink knight. I think having to do insane mode, and buy lesser weapons... and even lacking one of them, more than makes up for the price xbox gamers paid. Maybe its just me but... the pink knight is worth it, and it would be lame for xbox gamers to get it for free.
  13. I did, but sadly didn't notice anything past the casual references to the ending, in earlier attacks. yeah, that's what i had meant. is it not epic enough? I'm sorry if you read my reply like that. I figured there might have been something I missed lol. I did find the exploding penguins to be quite fun, I was quite happy to see them make a comeback. XD Though I will admit, I was most amused with characters doing the peace sign upon getting hit with magic. It was a very minor aspect, but really made me enjoy the Pink Knight a lot more. @ WickedRogue Yeah, I recall the penguins from the ending too... Seemed easier to say it like that, than Pink bears and Penguins.
  14. I did, but sadly didn't notice anything past the casual references to the ending, in earlier attacks.
  15. I just posted a write up of the character as a whole on JPS. However to help you out... Lollipop: Speed +5, Required level "1" Black Mace: Power +4, Defense +1, Speed -3, Required level "30" Broccoli: Power +1, Defense +3, Speed +1, Required Level "15" Electric Eel: Magic +2, Defense -1, Electric power, Required level "30" Scissors: Defense +3, Speed -2, Required level "5"