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  1. i got stuck on this part too, gave up in the end. How is everyone else getting past this part?
  2. I would hold off trying to trade for them as they are all going to be re-released at some point. We've already seen the Chicken and Donuts being put up twice. Unless you have bought all the heads in the game in which case there is nothing else to do with your Gems and Yarn anyway.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if they are - still got a ton of heads to be released. Only time will tell.
  4. I have a 3DS but I don't think I would buy Battleblock for it if it ever came out.
  5. Up until now it has been updated every two weeks, changing alternately with the Story feature i.e. one week the Story feature changes and the next the Arena feature changes.
  6. Looks good but you're going to have your work cut out to even come close to Will Stampers narration.
  7. Actually Xbox 360 could run Xbox original games but only some and I complained that it couldn't run all of them And I see your point and agree that we can still play older generation of games, I mean I still play old stuff occasionally like the ps2 and 1, Gamecube games Do "exclusive to Xbox" games work on the 360? I've been looking at the classic halos but wondering if my 360 can play them.Halo and Halo 2 work although you won't be able to play the latter online any more. A quick Google search for backwards compatible games will show you a full list of Xbox games that will work on the 360.
  8. I played through the co-op levels with my son yesterday and really enjoyed them. A very good set of levels although co-op interactions really were minimal. I played through the solo levels last night and thought that they were even better, probably the best I've played yet. There's a real nice challenge and feel to these levels, not too far off The Behemoths own. To top it all off the Prisoner this week is the best yet. Great week and great work from both level designers and The Behemoth. Thanks to you all.
  9. agreed now the chicken head is now the most worthless head since now everyone will have it and every 12 year old kid will wear it.The chicken head went from the most exclusive head in the game to the least rearest extremely disappointed and probably going to get hate from a few people here! No, I agree. I thought this one at least would be exclusive, especially since Dan himself said this was likely the only one they would not put out again. That was about a week ago... Good news for the guys that wanted it and missed out earlier though.
  10. If thats the one with the block puzzle at the beginning that one took me the most amount of time. Just keep trying, when you find yourself getting frustrated just take a break. The good news though is that once that level is done its all downhill from there.
  11. I bought it for $5 new at a Fry's a few years ago with 0 interest in playing it, thought it would be worth the five though. As for Luigi's Mansion, it is my favorite game ever. The only flaw is that it's way too short, the game will be over before you know it, but every part of the game is a burst of fun, so I'd say get it if you can. The sequel though... ehhh, not too big a fan Lords of Shadow is a great game and the ending is among my favourites... I've played and own the original Luigi's Mansion. Thought it was a nice little game at the time without being anything amazing. Just thought I might give the DS iteration a go. What is it you don't like in comparison to the original?
  12. Microsoft have stated they will continue to support the 360 so it's not like they are pulling the servers down. It will be a long time before the installed player base on the One is anywhere near what is currently on the 360 so there is still plenty of time for BBT to shine.
  13. You own Lords of Shadow but have not played it? Shame on you sir. Shame on you. Get to it right away. What are your thoughts on Luigi's Mansion? I was thinking about picking it up...