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  1. Yes, the cat control head is still obtainable by completing the solo or co op furbottom features.
  2. Got everything but some of the cylinder heads
  3. This worked for me, thank you.
  4. Is this gone now? Launched up the game like the description in the link says and got nothing... Edit: Never mind, booted up the furbottom section and it unlocked for me
  5. The Castle Crashers knight head is my favourite atm followed very closely by the Alien Hominid one. Nothing like representing their older awesome games whilst playing their newest one
  6. Boy do I feel inferior, this person really knows their stuff.
  7. You can get Castle Crashers on Steam for the PC (Not sure about Alien Hominid), but as for their latest game (BattleBlock Theatre), that is only on Xbox at the moment.
  8. Every wants my Alien Hominid head... It's going nowhere
  9. Hey there, just been wondering, when this achievement gets fixed... What will happen? (If you know this yet) Will it simply unlock when we boot the game up? Will we need to buy 50 prisoners from the time of the fix? (Or even just 1 to get it to register) Been holding off buying any more in case the second scenario is true lol.