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  1. I am the winner of the BattleBlock Theater Ball Tournament who was dressed as Hatty Hattington. I had my arena featured this week, but the wrong one! The revamped, repaired, more accessible maps were uploaded as “TheGlovesAre ON” by BulimianRhapsdy. You got less than half of the excellent maps I had to offer! Saddest day! I was hoping for some feedback from the level designer that I chatted with. Anyway, thanks for all the killer prizes! The Hatty keychain has made my keys unbelievably identifiable, the Honey Hug shirt is super soft, and the Behemoth Hat is excellent. Thanks for a PAX we will never forget!
  2. I am Hatty Hattington, winner of the PAX BBT Ball tournament!

  3. Just wanting to promote my playlist: BlitzBrickArena by BulimianRhapsdy It's the most exciting Arena playlist you'll see all month, if not all year! Feel free to message me with feedback on XBL. Gametypes: King of the Hill (6), Ball (6), and Muckle (3). Each level has a unique and hilarious gimmick. The favorite seems to be the third map in on KOTH, called "For Science."
  4. I have designed an arena playlist of KOTH and Ball. Everything is going swimmingly; however, there is a major spawning problem. I want to restrict player spawns. Specifically, I have a 2 room king of the hill map that has saw-timer activated teleporters and hill block barriers. When the other room's hill is active and you die in the deactivated hill room, I want to force player spawns to the active room. I use the same saw-activated timer for this to open a gate in front of lasers which then activate hard-light bridges over one set of spawns. The short explanation: I keep having players spawn INSIDE hard light bridges and switched blocks. How do I prevent this? Thanks.