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  1. K, I'll work on it soon, it wont be very good though :C
  2. can i have one Sorry it took so long for me to reply, what do you want for a head?
  3. Jerry the one and only Catman and the only one to be the Batman because cats purr

    1. Cat Guard

      Cat Guard

      Meow! I am a cat see?

  4. Those are only for the time trials (or boss stages) in campaign mode, and some are specific to the levels, in all honesty, I don't see them coming to the level editor.
  5. Want an avatar, tell me and I'll make it. You can have an ugly ms paint one or a goodish flash vector one. U DISIDE BROH.
  6. Hm, Any game I could kill a Muppet in I would buy in an instant. Also your a great artist, but everybody has already said that do lets say something original. You are the best beard drawer in the known universe. Sounds good.
  7. I imagine that it's Hatty's brother, because, well, just because.
  8. I agree. P.S. Every time I look at your avatar I think it's a horse, then I look again and it's a hamster. Actually its a wee widdle bunneh Oh, lol.
  9. It would think they might add him as an unlock in a dlc, for beating it on insane.