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  1. That is weird. My self and Co-op partner both unlocked Winston and we went to the secret room in that level. We never went back either.
  2. To have as much fun as I did playing Castle Crashers with my brother and my daughter.
  3. Well for the same reason I have a tattoo of Yoda on my bum.....To show it off.
  4. If a chicken head is putting you off of buying a game then you should really reevaluate your life.
  5. Today I was trying to play the Furbottom Arena playlist feature but I kept getting a message telling me it was not available at this time and to try again later. Well I have been trying all day and can't seem to play it. Is anyone else having this issue?
  6. Right....Well.....Jailbreak is an achievement you get when you unlock 50 prisoners and it is currently glitched.
  7. None of the 4,000 people that have the game on Trueachievements.com has it yet. So I think your friend is trolling you.
  8. Well next time just leave the game so you can get what you WANT.
  9. Leaderboards don't really add anything to the game for me.
  10. Some people may just be going for the achievement "Trade with 10 different people online" Nothing wrong with swapping a head for 20 gems you could just go right back and buy the head again. I mean if you have everything unlocked already why not trade a head that someone wants? You are earning gems while playing and you can't do anything else with them. Trade the head and buy the head back.
  11. Would be pretty neat...but I can't really think of something they haven't put in the game. I only have about half of the heads so far though.
  12. Yep same thing happens for me. The Developers know about as well and said they are looking into it.
  13. I am still working my way through Insane solo but I did finish a few Encores on Normal. My favorite encore was the first Furbottom one featured last week. The gauntlet of homing missiles coming at your from top and bottom as you jump on the exploding blocks. What a pain in the butt that was on Insane. lol
  14. Winston is awesome! His ears are huge. lol I liked the Co-op course more than the solo.