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  1. By MW's do you mean Modern Warfare, because that's a CoD game. And hey, look at that, I agree with you. Fix'd.
  2. The Pig orb is useful on those difficult levels where you can't find enough food.
  3. I won't write about it a lot. I will just say: the game does worth it. It's one of the best games for me, really.
  4. I have found a couple of BBT songs in Russian social network, 'Vkontakte'. So If you want and if the developers will allow me do this I can pack them all in one archive and load it to any file hosting.
  5. I hate Crysis 2 and 3. And I hate all CoDs and BFs.
  6. EnPycFr


    I'm going to wait for the new Xbox. And then I will compare those two consoles and buy that one which is better.
  7. EnPycFr


    Terraria is an adventure game. Minecraft is more for art and building. Also, Terraria has huge number of weapons and mobs. I don't think that Starbound will have so amazing atmosphere like Terraria has. But I pre-ordered it, though.
  8. Banned for being the Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who fan!
  9. Banned because of too much animation in your forum signature and avatar!
  10. Battleblock Theater is made only for Xbox 360. Maybe it will be a port (do you remember the Castle Crashers's story?). But you need to wait nearly two-five years. I can't guarantee anything. But you really need to wait.
  11. The rules of the game are very simple: you just have to post those three things that you're afraid of. E.g.: 1. Death. 2. High altitude. 3. Spiders. Your turn.