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  1. Just saw the Super Smash Bros Invitational Tournament, I, AM , PUMPED. I cant wait, I cant wait. Im gonna kick all the butts out there, online, while at home or on the road.

  2. Just saw the Super Smash Bros Invitational Tournament, I, AM , PUMPED. I cant wait, I cant wait. Im gonna kick all the butts out there, online, while at home or on the road.

  3. School's done for (For now), and now it's time to relax and lseep in for almost everyday of the summer. NIMBAT PARTY ALL DAY!!!!


  5. hmmm... I cant remember the last time I used level editor for BBT. Maybe because I've been playing so much VVVVVV because it grants me the tools I need to create a whole new level of impossible. Or maybe it's because I play alot of Yu-Gi-Oh with my friends at school. I dont know anymore.

  6. God, I almost forgot about this forum account on here... I sure missed alot. Turns out getting a life takes you away from other things. ^ w ^

  7. 3 DAY WEEKEND YAAAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!! A perfect time to be a Nimbat. ( > w

  8. You know, im starting to feel like everything i do only makes other people upset. I mean i know what i did, but before i fully understand whats wrong. It makes me feel bad.

  9. Im a Nimbat ^ w ^

    1. yugo657


      You shoul post more with us!

  10. Everytime i listen to the finale song to Battleblock Theater, Im always imagining my custom sonic character, "Midnight", in some sort of escape scene, or a boss battle scene. Its so epic.

  11. Oh my god, its been a long while (what, 5 months?) since i've been on this forum. I've not been on any other forums during this time, rather i've been on my games upping my creativity. Um, I finished the Momentum Monster playlist and now im going to bring my level of creativity down to two playlists for BBT. Right now im having my little sister test those levels.

  12. Even though its almost time to start school for me, i realized that its been very quiet every time I get on the forums.

  13. Am i the only one here who actually reads status updates that yall post on here?


  15. I got to play with the devs today and i feel so happy to play with them. I hope i get to do it again someday.

    1. Mangle


      Did you play with Dan Paladin?

    2. Onyx_Twilight


      No, only the devs were playing. Dan was in the twitch chat.

  16. Finished another playlist on battleblock theater called Lone Wolf, go check it out.

  17. Golden Whale.........................................that is all

  18. So i now realized that i dont know what i should change my profile pic to.I do this only because everyone else had already done it.

  19. I do not know how to get the Duck Shark head.

    1. Mangle


      It doesn't come out until Wednesday.

  20. Just a random question but: Can you imagine yourself as your opposite gender? cause i cant.

  21. Yeah now im starting to dislike some people who play the Super Craft Bros server on minecraft. Im accused of hacking, i keep being called names, no one is nice (except for the girls), and everyone is always targeting me. I just dont know what to do anymore.

  22. out of the 8th grade and on to 9th grade. TO SOUTH HOUSTON HIGH SCHOOL I GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. To all my friends, search and play this playlist with a friends. Come back and tell me your thoughts bout it here: http://forums.thebehemoth.com/index.php?/topic/14959-co-op-adventure-better-together/

  24. Well, Friday's here and I hope my playlist gets featured on Furbottem Features. Wish me luck

  25. Its only been a few days since I made a profile to share my thoughts and ideas, but there were some (so-called) "restrictions" on my profile. I had to seek help from the Behemoth and I did receive help that got me here today. Yet no new notifications and no new replies to my topics. I know i just started but I wont give up here.