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  1. LeoMoP

    TGS BBT video thing

    hey, they were playing at PS3 !!!! plz, confirm this T_T
  2. LeoMoP

    Questions (PS3)

    there is no weapon trophy on PS3. and thats a shame.
  3. LeoMoP

    BBT for PS3

    come on guys, please, not another 2 years of waiting. launch BBT for PS3 too
  4. LeoMoP

    Hardest part of Insane mode?

    Lava world was a pain in the balloon. just completed with a oj knight level 52
  5. LeoMoP

    insane mode save bug

    i was playing insane with my brother when my other brother came home. So when the stage we were (right after parade) ended he joined our game. the three of us went through all the cyplops stages, lava world, industrial castle (necromancer were unlocked ), port and ship. when we were moving into the map i noticed that all the levels were unlocked (while insane mode fire flames, even the levels that i never reached on insane ). So we stoped playing in the desert. When we came back all the game after my second brother joined wasnt saved. A lot of maps were locked again like lava world, the cyclops stages, industrial castle and etc. i think there is a glitch when someone join an insane mode game that is currently running.
  6. LeoMoP

    Short Question, short answer!

    How many weapons are avaiable right now on the PS3 ? ( I've got 68 + 1 that keeps getting away from my frog)
  7. LeoMoP

    Troll mother help

    i killed her very easily using the industrialist (on insane and i was level 32). man that magic is op against bosses.
  8. LeoMoP

    So... what's with the king?

    the king's heal sux a lot
  9. LeoMoP

    [help] Skeleton Mace bug

    The gold sword, the ugly mace and the wood sword that we get in the last princess duel. All of them keeps missing from my frog
  10. LeoMoP

    [help] Skeleton Mace bug

    Did you get the character or did you get it from a drop? drop from the ship's ninjas
  11. LeoMoP

    [help] Skeleton Mace bug

    i think this is a ps3 glitch . i just dropped the SAI , i went to the world map and the saving thing appeared but i didnt went to the frog. i turned of my ps3 and when i came back to the game no SAI in the frog.
  12. LeoMoP

    [help] Skeleton Mace bug

    yes. and i have another observation about PS3 version. i think the insane mode saves in every map played, just like normal mode.
  13. LeoMoP

    [help] Skeleton Mace bug

    Same happens with the alien weapon. i think i got a temporaly solution. i started to play with the skeleton (beat the game tonight with him) and after a fell levels the mace shows in the frog. to test o i did the same with the alien and after killing the barbarian his weapon shows in the frog too. i ill try the king tomorrow
  14. LeoMoP

    The Forgotten Knight's Insane Mode Guide

    very cool guide. congratulations