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  1. This is something pretty difficult to add the game once shipped, what you are asking is way to complicated, at least it's what I know. Good idea tho.
  2. Personally I think it's one of the most well designed levels with so much fun and clever mechanics, making it enjoyable and challenging at the same time. I hope to see more levels like this on Furbottom's features. And if you haven't played this level or don't remember how it's like, go and check it out . Anyone else let me know what you think of this level and what other levels are the most enjoyable (callenging or not) to play on BBT?
  3. Woah dude I didn't know Icy cubes could get high.
  4. I agree with you on both things(I have the same problem with the star heads being the only ones the people want), but I'd also like to have a better matchmaking system
  5. -Get every achievement -Rank up on Soul Snatcher -Get every head, including stars -Use the editor to make an arena playlist -Unlock Dan Paladin
  6. The game is not repetitive for me, but I'd love to see at least one boss battle on a future DLC, maybe against Honey Hug.
  7. If anyone wants to play Ranked Soul Snatcher I'll be hosting games every night around this time. Soul Snatcher is my favorite gametype and I'm ranked 7 currently and I want to rank up but is super hard to find another person on this playlist. So if anyone shares the same love for the gametype let's play or just invite me to a friendly game, my Gamertag is like my username here.
  8. Thanks lol I love Pkmn <3. That's a good point and maybe it's how the devs of BBT thought about the matchmaking system. You can rank up on the leaderboards playing Ranked matches . It's more like a competitive mode. I think it will be just matter of time for us to see those playlist, maybe it's just the way it is because they want us to try every gametype on it's own playlist at this moment.
  9. I think the problem with finding other players is the current playlists on the game. Halo 4 presented a similar problem in it's launch, it had a playlist for almost every gametype available and the people demanded playlists with more variety like an Objective playlist where you could play several different objective gametypes like "Capture the Flag" or "King of the Hill". I think BBT can implement a system like this. Currently there's a lot of playlist for the population of the game IMO. At least we could be able to search for a Quick ranked match, but instead, we have to search in every individual playlist until we find someone playing that gametype. I'm a big fan of Soul Snatcher and I love to play ranked matches, but it's extremely difficult to find players to play with. I love what you guys did with the Grab Bag playlist, and I would love to see something similar on the Ranked matchmaking. I'm enjoying the game a lot but I seriously hope you fix the online aspect of the game because it's a very important part for some of your fans (like me <3). Any ideas to improve the matchmaking system are welcome on this thread . Maybe this is just my opinion but I'm just sharing and trying to improve the game.
  10. It appears that there are 5 players on the screen. I think it was an old build and the cats are NPCs
  11. Just search for ranked games right now, I like to play horse and soul snatcher the most
  12. "Clean and shiny just like baby poop" "Feel free to customize your prisioner- ehh ah ah - perfomer" (this one makes me think the narrator has something to do with the ending)
  13. How do you know King will be available to unlock? or were you just assuming it?
  14. I haven't noticed any hacks and I've been playing online for a while, but it would be interesting if you could post his GT, tho I don't know if that's allowed on this forum.