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  1. I want my behemoth chicken account icon.
  2. Im so mad. I was actualyl dedicated and unlocked it on the first week of realease. Now all those people who missed it get it... Whats the point? I might as well stop playing BBT if there is no point in unlocking these non exclusive heads...
  3. Probs to this guy. Somebody give him a special rank on the forums. he deserves it.
  4. I stomped this dude in the horse race thing. So he went into gift shop and requested winston. I put it in on one green and then cancelled, went outside and equipped it. He sent me heaps of threatening PMs, probably due to his immature age so I teabagged around with it on. I can't even play matchmaking. People just go straight to the gift shop. I even call it the grift shop now.
  5. Most of them spend most of their time sadly queuing for games then running to the gift shop to ask for a head only to rage quit when the other guy doesn't have it/doesn't trade it.
  6. CaTmAnDuLa


    Can someone please just make a thread for people to post in offering to buy/sell star heads?
  7. How do you change the name of a playlist before you upload it? or a level in that playlist. Typo'd one of my level names...
  8. 500 gems isn't enough. There are others offering way more who aren't even getting it bro.
  9. Need more Behemoth games on steam.
  10. Outtakes too funny. Cant say it wiht a straight face LOL
  11. That is pretty cool. I find it that since they're selling in america, they are marking towards american gamers, and it comes across that american gamers just like box art that is black and says COD.
  12. CaTmAnDuLa

    Xbox One

    I have my PC, and my old 2009 XBOX arcade can still play games well. Despite its 12gb harddrive being full. Had to delete assassins creed to install battleblocktheater. That's how much BBT means to me