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  1. - Stay in the overal top 10 - Create a decent playlist - Having the green bar on the player stats screen full - A++ on all normal solo levels - If there are leaderboards going to be for it, have a few speedrun highscores
  2. Do different heads have different hitboxes? Some heads are bigger than the others or just differently shaped, does it influence hitboxes? If so, I'm going to use the smallest head for my speedruns now.
  3. You won't get a different reward, if you haven't completed it on solo yet, you will get a trophy, same as in solo.
  4. I've done it! Made it from spot 9 to 4 today! This game is gonna kill my Xbox someday...
  5. There probably a lot of cool things to do with animated heads, I hope they will add more.
  6. Now we ended up both being on the top 10 leaderboards haha!
  7. The round head, the one with the mustache and top hat. Acting like a sir with a golden trophy on my back.
  8. It's part of the game that it gets repetitive, it means you can do better and better and master the levels and speedrun them or get A++. Try arena mods, they are less repetitive. Or download user created levels, a complete new experience everytime!
  9. Doesn't this belong to the Gift Shop category?
  10. It's unavailable for now. But maybe sometime in the future you are able to get it again.
  11. Hey guys! I'm thinking about doing a forum topic where I will update the challenge mode highscores. People provide proof with a video, and comment on the topic including the link and such. I will update the stats on the topic. Any interest for this?
  12. M4dmuffin! You're no longer number 10 on the leaderboards!! *Evil laugh*
  13. Would also like to see a leaderboard for at least the challenge runs. Isn't it an idea to have a forum post with all the fastest time, people can comment with their time (pic or video as proof) and the creator will edit the time if it is faster.