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  1. Like seriously now. This is taking way too long. I could honestly beat insane with Civilian by now. But I doubt anyone would rather beat the game with the Iceskimo. All you need to do to beat the Peasant Arena is chill in the corner with the Industrialist or Fencer. Honestly not too hard.
  2. You can do it! If you ever need someone to play insane with, I'm always here to help! I'm currently working on my Bear (level 85).
  3. The only reason I got my Industrialist to level 99 was because I like how he looked. And it took us that long to beat Insane Mode the first time :I Well im mainly talking about people that hammer away at the Insane mode Catfish for XP to get high on the leaderboards. I think the Industrialist looks cool too Heh. I also have a level 99 Industrialist too. He looks hella bad balloon. I'm glad that someone out there appreciates my hard work instead of finding ways to tell me that it's easily done and blah blah.
  4. After playing so much, I've gotten a lot better at juggling. I will admit that I am not like super amazing like some other people on the leaderboards, but I know that I play better than some of the other people I've met on CC.
  5. 200 to 8 in a day! Good Gracious! You couldn't even track that in the snow!! But seriously, the only difference between You and I is magic. I can get 1100 to 1300 exp from the Catfish using nothing but magic, but to me that's too slow. So don't let my magic bother you much. I really like to roll the figures so Troll Mother is where it's at. No Magic All Melee. Heck, I feel like I can't compete against a Necromancer and a pair of Blue Knights on the board! Whew! It is a fun challenge though. *wipes sweat from forehead* That was an impressive move you made Coinkydink! I wouldn't let anyone on here say Iceskimo is not capable of competing or holding his own ground, as you could surely prove them wrong. -avoids the flaming- I still dont see whats so amazing about this "achievement" I mean I know everyone says the character is the worst... but their all even on an melee perspective, and from a strictly observer stand point the only difference is the speed you would gain exp not exactly the skill or anything special... To be fair I used more melee with my Red Knight than I did with magic, and when I was farming trolls I either juggled or stood there spamming /\ till I had life or it was safe to go back to juggling... I mean seriously, what did this prove? why does this matter? so you played a lot of time with a class who has bad magic... though tech in terms of exp the king would be the worst since his magic only heals poorly... but in the end the only difference between you and a strong magic class is how much time you put in... Not how much skill you have, or how great you're at that class since past magic as far as ive seen their all 1:1 I guess you are right about that. But to most people, the fact that the magic isn't all that great is a huge morale killer. Even though you say it's the time I put into it, i honestly didn't put a whole lot of time into it because I managed to juggle a lot of trolls and level quite quickly (6k exp in about 10 minutes). But yeah, at the looks of the King, I feel his magic is most likely the worse. A level 90 king only managed to heal me 17 per cast. But all in all, I'm just here to boast about my ranking with the Iceskimo. I could easily have done it with any other character because I just train on the Troll boss using melee and juggling. If I spent the next 2-3 days training, I could easily become ranked 2. But I'm happy with just being on the first page of the leaderboards.
  6. Hehe. I went from like rank 200 to 8 in a day Haha. I can't compete against a fencer! It's like impossible! I gain maybe 4-6k exp per 10-15 minutes? And that's if I just train all day. I'm happy with just being on the first page of the leaderboards! Hehe.
  7. Soloing insane mode would be crazy. I wouldn't mind trying though. Only problem is that I have no idea what program to use to record and such. And thanks for all the support guys! Going to beat insane with the ninja, bear, and skeleton now. They look so bad balloon!
  8. Done.
  9. I need the Rubber Handle Sword. Psn id: Coinkydink
  10. Haha. They had this conversation in the other Iceskimo thread. But yeah. I'm happy with the skills. I just don't think a snowball makes a little pudgy sound when it hits someone... I'm on the second page of the leaderboards! Rank 17! Going to take a Weeds break (tv show). Then it's onto the first page of leaderboards!
  11. Hey. I get bored when I'm training. Things come to mind when I'm jugging left and right for the past 2 hours. Just wanted to throw that idea out there.
  12. As I'm training at thieve's forest. I'm curious if anyone has ever air juggled all the trolls at once. Like have the troll boss roaming by itself while you have all the trolls in the air? The most I ever got was like 10 in a combo.
  13. Thanks? Can't tell if you are being serious or just being sarcastic with me.