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  1. Just test it in challenge mode. Use the timer, though minus the extra time you get for getting checkpoints. Do it a few times, lowering the time (just remember that checkpoints in challenge mode add to your time, so don't count them!) to see if you can do it faster, and faster until you can't do it. Though it's not likely that someone will play your level a bunch of times in a row to get a really hard time, so make it fair.
  2. I've never beat insane mode in CC. A long time ago I accidently wiped my character unlocks, and levels. Haven't played much since then. Though I'd be up to playing it again, and beat insane mode as I've always wanted to do it.
  3. Definitely an improvement, longer, more difficult levels. Though maybe they could have been a little harder. I liked how the encores were clear remakes of smb levels. The last one gave me trouble, but I figured it out after a few tries.
  4. Hah yeah, the part in the clip where the raccoon is chasing you while you jump on the slime blocks? Man, that would have been smart. Too bad I'm not smart like the glorious DanP *ahem* feature *ahem*
  5. Got a taste of the co-op playlist. Why is it so frustrating?
  6. If anyone needs help for the co-op playlist, send me a friend request!
  7. I should have probably edited the "but I never did quit" part. Since I did. Though in a weird way I did enjoy it. Even though it just got so hard, so fast. I didn't want to stop until I beat the level. I could feel myself get better. Like I said you become like an expert surgeon after dying 100 times over. It's just when it got to the finale, and I was being timed did I stop. It's just the fact they were timed, and timed so fast did it put it over the top. I don't know how I'd tell you to improve. Maybe if you made the time longer? then made things a *bit* easier for the final levels to justify how hard they are? That, or maybe be content with only being sort of an expert playlist (nothing wrong with that!) that only a few people with beat, and enjoy. Not that I didn't enjoy when I finally beat the 9 levels I played. I just didn't have it in me to complete the finale without feeling too overwhelmed.
  8. Thanks boolf! There are two levels that have the acid bubbles. With both there are 8 teleports that spew acid bubbles. The first time you encounter it is in world 4, though there is another room with teleporters so it lessens the chance of the first run spitting bubbles out. Though some of the teleports are positioned directly above platforms to make it harder because of that. What makes it sorta unfair with randomness, thought what I can't do anything about is that sometimes you can jump on the bubbles like normal (which makes things easy), and sometimes jumping on them kills you out of nowhere (unless it's by design that either after a while you can't jump on them, or that after going in and out of teleporters the bubbles no longer know what direction is up, and will kill you). Which can be frustrating even on normal mode. On insane I can see it making you call the game unfair (sorry!). Though level 9 is sort of like a challenge level where it takes elements from previous levels, making them harder. Which brings the acid bubbles back, with a dedicated set of teleporters to ruin your day. Then on top of that I made it harder. Though to be fair I put signs up that actually tell you where the bubbles shoot down, unlike the first time you encounter them. If only the game had it so every time you jumped off the bubbles, you well... y'know jumped off them. Rather than sometimes you just fall through them and die (._. ) So i had sort of a debate with myself if I should just remove the whole thing since sometimes it's just random. Though overall even though I went through the effort to make sure you can get through levels without having to go all suicidal to complete. I still kept it, knowing that it could be kinda random. Since deep down I think it's fun, in a sort of wacky panic to get through. I fully accept that it can make an insane mode even more brutal. So I'll have to recommend if you're the type of person to play insane, that you beware some parts can be excessive, or random. Let me know what else you guys think. I'll take everything into consideration if I'm brave enough to take on the daunting task of making a second adventure playlist! That, or make sure there's resources for the community from all your feedback here that they can take into their own future creations. Every bit helps us all!
  9. That sounds like a tough break Reet. You could try to recreate it, make it even better. Where did you go wrong anyway? One of the levels in the wrong mode? What's your playlist? I'll play it, even if it's in the arena.
  10. I'm unworthy of this thread. I'm 3,234 as of this very moment.
  11. I wonder what the process of featuring a playlist is. If they've already decided, and just waiting for something. That, or maybe they're waiting until today to choose. Who knows? I don't, do you? I don't, do you? I don't, Do-Welcome to battleblock theater!
  12. My first crack at using the level editor, and making an entire 15 levels is a huge undertaking. After making just 9 levels I was pulling for new ideas. So I applaud the developers for making an entire 8 chapters after getting a taste of their efforts. I don't promise for anyone to like this, but I had a lot of fun making this playlist. I'm hoping it's as fun to play. Summary it's partly inspired by super meat boy, along with challenging, but I'm pretty sure fair gameplay. I'll leave it to you guys if you find some of my ideas interesting. If you have any questions, feedback, or reviews leave a comment. For anyone who wants to know what they're getting into before they search my name (Prologic) in either co-op (adventurer pack) or solo (lone adventurer) I put together a little gameplay.
  13. I have my own playlist, and a few elements/inspiration come from super meat boy. So I'll be looking forward to a full smb inspired playlist.
  14. I like round, and square out of the four. WIth the cardinal being my favorite head. Time will tell when star gets more unlocked.
  15. I could probably come up with some tips off the top of my head. I'd suggest always making a level the max dimensions. Since if you want a smaller level you can put more blocks around the edges. Basically you can make a large level smaller, but you can't make a smaller size world any bigger. (unless you have a specific idea in mind) Test your levels, try to find any possible way you can "break" the level to a point you have to reset. If you're making an adventure that's going to have a solo version, and a co-op version do the co-op version first. It's easier, and usually better to convert a co-op segments into a solo level, rather than the other way around. Making a way to solve your co-op puzzle/platform solo can make for an interesting challenge.